Yeh hai Chahatein: Shocking! Did Chachaji Kill Devika? Rudra helping Preesha?


One of the most popular and versatile daily soap serials which earn a lot of fanbases and incredible responses from the viewers with its amazing and outstanding storyline and concept and the serial hype is increasing day by day just with the twist and turns which they appear in the show. The tremendous and amazing daily telecasting serial named Yeh hai Chahatein Written Update 28th July 2021 is here ane in the latest episode of the serial the viewers will see that Rudra and Arman inquiring Devika’s beautician who tells that she told the guard regarding a man arguing with Devika in her bedroom and hurried out from the marriage venue. Arman questions if she told his home’s protection keeper and can she recognise him. In answer to this, she said yes and goes to become ready and then Rudra tells the inspector to arrive at Arman’s home quickly and Sulochana getting anxious for Rudra summons Bunty and questions regarding Rudra place. Bunty states that Rudra got the clue behind the murder of Devika and he is trying his best to present Preesha safe.

In the next scene, Sulochana states to Sharda that Rudra is yet helping Preesha rather than her partner and then Sharda tell everyone that his all work is going good and no one has the capability to divide Rudra and Preesha and the god truly rejoined both and it’s quite good and best that Rudra denied getting marry to Devika. Then, Sulochana states that also if somehow Preesha gets free from jail then she will surely be sent her husband to jail, not Rudra and Sharda tells that Rudra will easily bear all types of pain to protecting and saving Preesha. Then, Rudra and Arman along with the police inspector arrive at the home to questions the guard.

After that, they ask some questions to the guard that he noticed Harry with Devika then the guard denied the question and tells them he saw someone else then Arman and Rudra request to say who did he notice on that night. Then in answer to this, the guard tells them he saw Chachaji arguing with Devika and after listening to this, Armaan gets shocked and questioned Cahcji about this but Chachaji denied this and tells that guard is lying to them. Rudra forgets his limit and started angrily with Chachaji by telling him that why he kill Devika and started shouting at him then Cahchji tells him to be in his limit and tells him that he loves Devika as his daughter but the guard is still on his decision and tells them he saw Chachaji arguing with Devika.

After that, Rudra invites the lawyer who tells that Chachaji was managing Devika’s trust stock which was persisting to be given into Devika’s title after her wedding, there were neither funds moved out of 50 crores in the store. He remembers Devika asking him and demanding to shift trust stores into her bank account then he answers that in a total of 50 crores there is only 1 lakh left. Arman defies Chachaji for murdering Devika for rupees. Chachaji questions how can he believe that he will murder Devika as they are kids too, he employed Devika’s trust store and went to tell her, but she previously understood about it and fought with him but Arman doesn’t believe in him. Now, it’s really going to be interesting to see that what will happen next, so don’t forget to witness the show on Star Plus at 10:30 PM IST.

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