Yeh Hai Chahatein 7th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Preesha Marries Arman


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Rudra tells Sulochana that he will never sing again from hereon and asks her to go. Sulochana blames herself for his condition and thinks of doing something. On the other side, Anvi insists Preesha to make her sleep. Preesha makes her lie down and tells her a story. Yashoda Ka Nand Lala…song plays in the background. Arman watches that and walks away. Preesha crying remembering Saransh. Anvi hugs her and wipes her tears. Preesha continues story, Anvi falls asleep. Preesha walks to Arman and tells him that Anvi is asleep now. He says his driver will drop her home and asks about Saransh. She says Saransh has left this world and even her life; she knows Anvi will question when she wakes up in the morning, but she needs to leave. He says when Saransh is no more, why dont’s he become Anvi’s mother. She asks what does he mean, she thought he is a decent man. He says he doesn’t want to marry her and she can just be Anvi’s mother; since she and Anvi are in need of each other, they can support each other, etc. Preesha agrees to become Anvi’s mother.

After 6 months, maid wakes up Anvi. Anvi with closed eyes insists to see Prish maa/Preesha first. Maid says Preesha is preparing tasty breakfast for her and takes her down. Anvi slips. Arman holds her, asks her to be careful, and says happy.. Anvi stops her. Maid says Anvi wants to first see Preesha’s face and wants her to greet her first. Arman takes her to Preesha. Preesha greets her good morning and asks why she is closing her eyes. Anvi says its her birthday today and she wants her to first wish her and see her face. Preesha wishes her birthday and says she will get a lot of gifts and surprises. Anvi tells Arman now he can wish her. Arman wishes her happy birthday. Preesha brings breakfast, coffee for Arman, and milk for Anvi. Servant sees burnt toast and asks maid. Maid says Preesha knows what sir needs, sir got a good life partner and Anvi a good mother, she handled them well and turned this hotel inta a house.

Servant informs Arman that a lady has come to meet him. Preesha asks whom he called today. He says its a surprise birthday gift for Anvi and takes them to a lady. Preesha is shocked to see Vasu, but doesn’t react. Vasu greets them and even she acts. Arman says Mrs. Vasudha Srinivasan is a good music teacher and dancer, so she will teach dance and music to Anvi. Anvi thanks Vasu and leaves. Arman says Vasu will also perform Anvi’s speech therapy via singing. Preesha asks how did he find her. He says he interviewed many candidates and found her the bed, Preesha can question her till he returns, and walks away from there. Vasu emotionally hugs Preesha and says she is searching her since 6 months, she even switched off her phone. She informs that she tried to call Rudra, but didn’t reply at all; GPS hired a detective to trace her and he found her address; she saw Arman’s interview ad and after giving interview she came here. Preesha says she shouldn’t have come here. Vasu pleads not to say that as she cannot live without her daughter, she will never inform Arman about them. Arman returns and asks Preesha if she liked Vasu. She nods yes. Arman asks Vasu to come from tomorrow and goes to get ready for his meeting. Preesha feels guilty for not calling Vasu since 6 months and hopes only good happens in the future.

Arman gets ready for his business meeting. Preesha says he is a good businessman and singer, but still cannot tie his tie. He says why should he when she is there. He asks when will he return He says he has a concert in Mumbai and asks her to accompany him. She hears Rudra’s song and asks who is singing it. He says he doesn’t know. She searches and finds maid playing the song in kitchen, scolds him to keep the volume low. He apologizes. She rushes to her room and looks at her, Rudra, and Saransh’s pic hidden in her cupboard; cries remembering quality time spent with them. Yeh Hai Chahatein.. plays in the background.

Precap: A lady throws tantrum when she loses diamond earrings in a hotel room and asks to call manager. Rudra enters as manager. She angrily throws a vase at him, and he catches it.

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