Yeh Hai Chahatein 6th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Rudraksh And Preesha Find Sonia


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Preesha asks Rudra how will they find Sonia when even Savita doesn’t know about her whereabouts. Someone calls Rudra and says if he wants to meet Sonia, he should come to Cafe Coastal at 9 p.m. today. Rudra asks who is this, man disconnects call. He informs same to Preesha. Preesha asks how did he find out that they are searching Sonia as only them, Bhuvan, and inspector know about it. He says he must have heard their conversation in police station. She says he would have met them there instead of calling there. He says Sonia’s matter is getting complicated, they should go there and check who is this man. They reach Cafe Coastal. Preesha gets hospital supervisor’s call and asks Rudra to go in while she enters later. He searches around and thinks who must have called him and shows Sonia’s pic to everyone. Waiter asks if he is searching someone Rudra shows pic and asks if she works here. He says she doesn’t work here and he came to a wrong place. Rudra thinks whom to ask now. Another waiter walks to him and asks if he is searching someone. Rudra shows Sonia’s pic to him. Waiter says he knows her and takes him to a room. Rudra waits in a room hoping to meet Sonia. Two goons enter and trash him to stop searching Sonia or else they will kill him. Rudra warns to inform police. They brutally trash him and warn that they are sparing him last time and if he enquires about Sonia again, they will kill him for sure. They throw him out of hotel.

Preesha searches Rudra and calling him asks where is he. He says he is outside and asks her to come soon. She reaches him and seeing his condition gets into car. He informs her what happened and says Sonia’s case is getting complicated and he doesn’t know how to find her. Preesha asks who took him to that room. He says a waiter. She says he must be knowing where Sonia is. They both wait for waiter and follow him to a house. Rudra tries to enter home, but Preesha stops him saying he has seen his face. He hides, and she knocks door and says looks like there is no one. He peeps into window and says there is no one there. They then see 2 inebriated men passing by chatting that a dancer dances really well and they spent 25000 rs on her. They then see waiter getting out of a house and decide to enter house. She says he will be identified again. He says he will disguise himself and enter house. He disguises himself and enters house and is shocked to see a dance bar inside house. Preesha calls him and asks if he reached home. He says yes and there is a dance bar inside. A dancer touches him, and he reacts. PReesha feels jealous. He then sees Sonia entering and disconnects call. He pulls money bundle and waves at Sonia. Sonia walks to him and dance with him. He asks her to continue dancing as his brother Bhuvan sent him here. She asks if bhaiya is here. He says they cann’t talk here, so they should meet somewhere. He says there is a store room from where he entered, she will meet him there.

He walks to store room, she follows him and asks who is he and why did her brother send him here. He removes his disguise. She angrily shouts that her condition is because of him, if he had not called her for audition that day, she wouldn’t have been here now. He says he had not called her and he came here to help her on Bhuvan’s request and get her out of this place. She pleads to do it fast as this place is very bad and they keep her like slave. He disguises again as old man and walks out of room when goons surround him and insist to meet their boss CC. He says he doesn’t have time for all that and will go from here. They forcefully take him to CC who asks which tonic he drinks that he danced so energetically. Rudra says he doesn’t have time to chat and wants to go. He says he is Chitranjan Chuturdevi, bar’s owner; he is sparing him as he came here for the first time, what was he doing in store room with Chameli. Rudra realizes that Sonia’s name is Chameli here.

Precap: Rudra searches Sonia on dance flooorr and doesn’t find her there. He then with Preesha brings police to raid the place. Inspector says they searched whole place and didn’t find Sonia. Preesha thinks where is Sonia now, something really bad is happening with her.

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