Yeh Hai Chahatein 29th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Rudraksh Efforts To Convince Preesha Fail


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Balraj with family walks to Rudra’s room. Mahima seeing him getting ready asks if he is going somewhere. He says none of her business. Balraj says its their business. Rudra asks why he is speaking so rudely. Balraj says they found out about his drama in jail and even media found out about it, what about the drama he did after coming out of jail. Rudra says he doesn’t want to talk about it as he is going to meet Preesha. Mahima says he can’t go as media is coming, he should stay back and reply their answer and stop his father’s year’s hard earned dignity from spoiling. He says he will not and she cannot dare order him. She threatens that she will leave this house and take away Saransh with him. He says he will stay back and asks her to get out now. Mahima apologizes Balraj for speaking ill about Saransh as she wanted to control Rudra. He says she did right. Servant informs that media people came. Mahima asks Balraj to handle them till she brings Rudra.

Yuvraj is sound asleep when he gets Mahima’s call. He thinks why kavvi/crow Mahima is calling her now. He picks call and says her job is done and he got money, thank you and bye. She says he has to do one more job and says her and Rudra’s interview will air on TV in sometime and he should show it to Preesha. He agrees and acting as pampering Preesha takes her to living room and insists her to have food. Mahima with Rudra starts interview and says now Rudra is married to her, but everyone are still stuck with Preesha. Media asks about Rudra’s arrest. She changes topic and continues. Yuvraj acting as changing TV channel shows interview to Preesha, Vasu, and GPS. Mahima continues that Rudra is her husband and her son Saransh’s father, so their relationship is forever and people should stop speculating. Rudra reminisces Mahima’s warning that she will take Saransh with her if he doesn’t give interview. Preesha gets angry seeing Rudra’s interview.

After sometime, Preesha waits for cab to go to hospital. Cab comes and she enters into cab, but sees driver taking her to different route and asks where is he taking her, this is not hospital route. Rudra speaks and reveals he is driving car as a driver. He says wherever he can speak to her. She warns to stop car right now as she saw his interview with Mahima. He says Mahima planned all that and she is conspiring against him. She says he slept with Mahima and blamed Mahima instead. He continues trying to explain, but she stops cab and gets into bus. He gets into bus and sitting next to her tries to explain, but she gets down. He follows her and says she is habituated to misunderstand and blame him wrongly. She says she is blaming for the act he did and leaves in auto. She then reaches her hospital cabin and thanks god that Rudra didn’t follow her there. Rudra disguised as ward boy turns and says he is at her service now. She says he he is not qualified to be even a ward boy and is a singer. He says he will entertain patients with his singing. She asks him to leave. Nurse informs him that an emergency patient has come. Preesha rushes out and sees a pregnant woman in labor and her husband worried for her. She assures patient that she is in safe hands and asks nurse to take patient to OT. Rudra walks to patient’s husband and assures her that his wife will be alright soon. Man identifies him as rockstar Rudra. Rudra says heis even Preesha’s husband and will be with him until he gets a good news. Preesha checks patient’s ultrasonography and informs husband that his umbilical cord is stuck around his baby’s neck and his wife’s BP is increasing, so she can either save baby or mother. Husband pleads to save his wife as he loves her and cannot live without her. Preesha returns after sometime and informs that luckily both mother and child are safe and he got a cute baby girl. Husband thanks and prays for her and Rudra’s togetherness forever. Preesha asks Rudra to leave now, he says he will not. She calls watchman who stands silently. Rudra informs that he bought this hospital and he will be with her always.

Precap: Mahima asks accountant why a big amount is transferred into Mr. Vipul Shah’s account. Accountant says Rudra bought Mother Care Gyneological Hospital. Mahima thinks Preesha works there. Rudra drives bus and Preesha tries to stop him and their bus meets with an accident.

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