Yeh Hai Chahatein 20th February 2021 Written Episode Update: Preesha and Rudra’s Romantic Valentine’s Day Celebration In Jail


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Preesha wth Ahana takes doctor to another room and asks if he is fine. Doctor says yes, Mahima shot him. Ahana says that is why they gave him bullet proof jacket. Preesha says they should go out somehow and takes them out via window. She drives car and says she saw Yuvraj and knew he would inform Mahima for sure, so they came to him immediately; akka doesn’t leave any proof against her. Doctor says he is not safe even now, Mahima will find and kill him again. Ahana says they are taking to her father’s safe apartment which no one knows about. Doctor thanks them. Preesha thinks she will reach fake Rudra and get real Rudra out of jail. Mahima thinks Preesha found out about fake Rudra, so she reached doctor; Preesha may reach Bhuvan, so she has to send him out of Delhi. She calls Bhuvan, who is busy enjoying chole bhature, and orders him to leave Delhi as Preesha found out his truth. He asks where should he go. She says wherever he wants, but leave Delhi before Preesha catches him. He agrees and thinks she is asking him to go when her work is doing, he will not go until he takes revenge from Rudra and ends him.

Preesha decorates jail room to celebrate valentine’s day with Rudra. Rudra enters and stands surprised seeing decoration. She asks if only he can give gifts, gives him rose and wishes him happy valentine’s day. He hugs him. She says I love you hubby. He asks her to repeat. They dance romantically on Agar Tum Saath Ho… song. He spend quality time together romancing and feeding each other. Rudra says he doesn’t know how Hawaldar gave him so much time. Preesha says she took special request. Inspector walks in. Preesha thanks him. He says as per her request, he has arranged 2 constable to protect doctor. Rudra asks Preesha what happened. Preesha describes how Mahima tried to kill doctor and how they escaped via window. Rudra feels helpless and frustrated, says he cannot help her find fake Rudra, he just remembers Agra highway and room. Preesha tells inspector that they need to go to Agra highway to find a clue. Inspector says what if he was kept in city and let free in Agra highway. Rudra says Preesha is right, they should go and check Agra highway and he wants to accompany them. Inspector says he will take special permissions from court, but he will be handcuffed. Preesha says they need to do one more work and discusses it.

Preesha then returns to Khurana House and informs Ahana about Agra highway trip tomorrow, says she came to check on Saransh and is going out for some important work. Ahana thinks where is she going at night. Yuvraj gets Mahima’s call to meet her at some place if he needs his money. He reaches destination. Bank manager calls him and says his account balance is zero, so he has to deposit some amount. Yuvraj says he has a lot of money in his account. Manager says Mahima withdrew all the money. Yuvraj asks how can she do that without his consent. Manager says he had brought his signed cheques and consent letter, so he should deposit some account. Yuvraj shouts angrily and walking near Mahima (who is facing her back on him) shouts that she showed her real face and took all his money, he helped her betraying Rudra and Preesha, etc. He asks her to turn and pulls her, stands shocked seeing Preesha and asks what is she doing here. She says she came to show his betrayal. He asks whom. She calls police and Rudra and says he helped Mahima and betrayed him, he sold himself for a few bucks. Rudra slaps Rudra and shouts that because of Yuvraj, his father died, he killed papa. Yuvraj says he didn’t kill Balraj. Preesha says he is lying and asks inspector if he recorded his confession. Inspector says yes. Preesha asks him to arrest Yuvraj in murder and betrayal case. Yuvraj says he didn’t kill Balraj, but fake Rudra did. Preesha asks where is fake Rudra. Yuvraj says he doesn’t know where he is, Mahima brought him and he killed Balraj; he didn’t want to help Mahima, but she forced him; he was with Preesha and Rudra and will help them catch fake Rudra being with Mahima, so Preesha should spare him. Rudra asks what if he lies. He says he will never betray them again. Preesha asks inspector to leave him and warns him not to try betraying them again.

Ahana packs her bag. Mahima asks if she is going somewhere. Ahana says her friend is going as she had come for a day and is staying for 2 more days, so she is taking her clothes. Mahima yells at her and walks away thinking she is lying as she is carrying men’s clothes. She calls Yuvraj and asks him to follow Preesha and Ahana and inform her where they go. He asks money, and she promises. He gets happy thinking he can fool anyone and get money from them. Preesha with Ahana drives car. Ahana asks where are they going. Preesha says inspector will send Agra highway’s location soon. They reach doctor and giving him clothes assure him that 2 constables are waiting outside for his protection. Preesha gets inspector’s message and leaves.

Precap: Mahima take fake Rudra to jungle and kills him by giving him poisoned water, thinks its Preesha’s turn next. Rudra and Saransh cry in front of Preesha’s dead body.

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