Yeh Hai Chahatein 16th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Mahima Challenges Preesha


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Preesha confronts Mahima that they all thought that she is dead, she acted as dead just to escape from her baby’s responsibility, she didn’t think of her parents and Saransh. Mahima says good that she knows everything about her, but she cannot prove anything as she brought Arjun and Gautam and couldn’t prove anything. She yells why she is giving her lecture acting as devi when she herself is selfish like her, even she married multimillionaire Rudra and grabbed his money. Preesha says she didn’t marry Rudra for his money, in fact she, Rudra and Saransh were family. Mahima asks why did snatched his money, divorced him and then married Yuvraj. Preesha says she truly married him and then took revenge from him. Mahima asks if she and Rudra are still together trying to expose me and her marriage with Yuvraj is just a drama. Preesha says she always thinks others are also wrong like her and she conspires to grab people’s money. Mahima says now that Preesha knows everything, she accepts that she conned many men and will do same with Rudra, she will lure him, sleep with him, and loot all his wealth. Preesha controls her anger. Mahima says she is more beautiful and smart than Preesha, more stubborn than her as she gets whatever she wants, Preesha is a loser since childhood and used to give her everything when she used to cry, Preesha is a fool since childhood and lost everythinng; she is a genius since childhood and grabbed her husband and son. Preesha slaps her and when Mahima tries to slap back holds her hand and says she is right that she is intelligent, but she doesn’t have a family; when they both have same parents, why she went on wrong path; she will not give her son Saransh to her as she bought him up and will expose her soon. Mahima says she and can reply to her slap, but that pain will be for a few hours, so she will give her pain of life; she had spared her as she didn’t consider her as enemy, but from now on she is her enemy and will throw her flat on her face. She walks away thinking she knows Rudra is Preesha, but Preesha doesn’t know that Yuvraj is with her and not Preesha; Preesha can hide anything, but she knows everything and knows how to benefit from it.

Preesha thinks akka doubts about her and Rudra and knows that they are still married, so she has to stop akka from harming them more. She walks to Rudra and informs him that akka knows about their plan and failed it and explains what happened. Rudra says they need to protect Gautam and should shift him from here. They walk to Gautam who is busy packing his bags and says he cannot help them anymore as Mahima tried to kill him multiple times, he wants get out of this. Rudra says Mahima may find him even in Mumbai. Gautam says his brother stays in London and he will shift there. He calls his manager who informs that his flight is delayed for tomorrow, panics thinking where will he stay till tomorrow. Rudra says he will shift him to a guest house which Mahima doesn’t know about and taking him there asks to order food from restaurants and call them if he needs anything.

Rudra then drops Preesha home in his car. Preesha says akka ruined all their plan. Rudra says he is worried seeing her tensed and says he sometimes feels he should expose Mahima’s truth to family, but she is very intelligent and will escape again, let police handle it and they shouldn’t bother. Preesha says they should for Saransh. He agrees. She gets out of car and walks towards home, but slips feeling dizzy. He holds her and says lets go to doctor. She says she didn’t have anything since morning and would be fine. He lifts her and walks towards home romantically looking at her. She asks him to get him down before amma sees her. He says he is not afraid of her amma. Vasu opens door just then and stands shocked, asks what is happening. Rudra gets nervous and asks her to get him in first. She lets him in and asks why was he lifting Preesha in his arms. He says she was feeling dizzing and was about to fall, so he held her, else he hates her and wouldn’t even touch her. She asks what is he doing in this area. He stammers in nervousness. GPS says he called him. Vasu asks why?

Precap: Mahima sees Saransh writhing in pain and asks if he is hurt. He says no and walks away with Rudra. She thinks why he is lying. Preesha tells Rudra that they should give truth serum to Mahima and make him confess everything. She feeds truth serum with sweets and record her accepting that she conned Arjun and threatened to kill his wife if he doesn’t le.

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