Yeh Hai Chahatein 15th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Preesha Rescues Gautam Again From Mahima


Yeh Hai Chahatein 15th January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Preesha saves Gautam from heart attack via defibrillator shocks. Rudra joins her. Doctor checks and tells Preesha that Gautam is fine now as she saved him on time. Gautam thanks Preesha. Preesha thanks him instead for risking his life and coming to help her. Rudra asks who tried to kill him. Gautam says its Mahima. Rudra says how can it be as he saw Mahima sleeping with Saransh. Gautam says he fought with Mahima and saw her face, she threatened that she will not let him give evidence against her. Preesha asks if Mahima was wearing Nurse’s dress. Gautam says yes. Preesha says its akka for sure and Gautam’s life is at risk. Rudra says that means someone is helping her, they should shift Gautam to an unknown where Mahima cannot reach. Gautam says he will get Mahima punished at any cost. Rudra asks what is their next plan. Preesha explains.

Preesha with GPS returns home. Vasu hugs and pampers her. Mahima enters. Vasu says they were discussing about her. Mahima asks if Preesha was badmouthing about her again, says she will never think of harming Preesha as she is Preesha’s elder sister. Preesha acts as getting inspector’s call and goes aside. Mahima asks Vasu to get her coffee and walks behind Preesha. Preesha acts as inspector informing her that Gautam was attacked again, but is stable now, so he is shifting him to The Yellow Orchid Hotel room number 208. Mahima thinks she will have to reach hotel room before Preesha and kill Gautam.

Rudra waits in hotel lobby. Preesha calls him to be careful. Mahima enters disguised as sardarji and seeing Rudra there thinks she thought police or Preesha would come here, but Rudra is here. She tells girls that rockstar Rdura is here. Girls throng Rudra while she silently walks away. She then disguises as room service girl and rings Gautam’s room bell. Gautam opens door and says he didn’t order anything. Mahima forcefully enters room saying she brought complementary champagne and juice from hotel’s side. She then picks knife and points at Gautam revealing her face. Gautam stands shocked and pleads not to kill her. Preesha enters just then and starts recording video warning Mahima to dare not make a mistake as she planned all this to trap her. Mahima threatens to delete the video or else she will kill Gautam. Preesha says she will not. Gautam pleads Preesha to delete the video. Preesha finally deletes video. Mahima spares Gautam and says he escaped again because of Preesha, Preesha is so good that she cannot see anyone in trouble and sacrificed all her hard work to save his life. She walks away laughing on Preesha.

Preesha follows Mahima and says she saw her cruel ruthless form. Mahima says good then, she should be afraid of her and should return home. Preesha says she knows everything about her and will expose her truth. Mahima asks what she knows. Preesha says she knows how she conned Arjun, Gautam, and Girish who informed her truth and has gone mad after she conned him. Mahima stands shocked.

Precap: Preesha says she will expose her in front of whole world. Mahima agrees to con many men and says she will con even Rudra and then.. Preesha slaps him. Rudra lifts Preesha and takes her home, leaving Vasu in shock. Preesha sees Saransh writhing in pain when she hugs him and thinks he was lying that Mahima didn’t do anything.

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