Yeh Hai Chahatein 13th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Ahana To Expose Sulochana?


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Rudra shouts at Ahana how dare she is to doubt his mother’s character and tries to attack her when Preesha stops him. Ahana gets Kabir’s DNA report. She reads it and stands shocked to see DNA report positive, says Kabir is papaji/Balraj’s son. Rudra shouts if she is happy that truth is out or she needs any other proof. Sharda asks Ahana why she does this, Sulochana is Rudra’s biological mother and has a suffered a lot in life, Rudra brought her here forcefully. She apologizes Sulochana on Ahana’s behalf. Rudra insists Ahana to apologize Sulochana and Kabir. Ahana denies. Sulochana says there is no need for that. Rudra continues insisting to apologize and shouts to get out of the house else and stay in one of their other properties. Ahana thinks she needs to stay in this house to expose Sulochana and Kabir and apologizes them. Sulochana says just like Kabir, Rudra and Rajiv are her sons, she wants everyone to peacefully together. Mishka asks if they can move to their room. Sulochana says she left their room in the morning itself. Ahana walks away with Mishka.

Preesha is busy chatting over phone with hospital nurse when Rudra hugs her from behind and gets romantic. She asks him to move aside as she is busy chatting with nurse. He thinks of gathering her attention, walks to bathroom and asks her to give him towel. She says she has kept there already and gets busy chatting. Rudra says its not here. Sonia enters. Preesha asks her to give towel to Rudra. Rudra pulls Sonia in thinking her as Preesha. Sonia runs out shouting. Rudra runs behind her apologizing and then gets romantic with Preesha again. Preesha calls maa. Rudra leaves her and asks not to call maa. Sonia says they look cute together.

Ahana meets Yuvraj and asks how did DNA report come positive. Yuvraj asks how does he know as he just gave her original report and if she needed particular results, she should have informed him before that; he asks whose report is this. She says Rudra’s brother’s. He asks Rajiv’s? She says another brother Kabir has dropped in from somewhere. Yuvraj is shocked to hear that. Ahana says he is useless and inefficient and leaves in her car yelling. Vasu notices them and thinks of informing Preesha. Ahana thinks she needs to do something to find proof against Sulochana and Kabir. She sees Sulochana going in an auto and follows her. Sulochana reaches a posh locality and walks into a house. Ahana thinks what is this old hag doing in a posh locality, she will expose her finally. She peeps into house and sees Sulochana enjoying liquor with her friends. She calls Rudra.

Kabir informs Rudra, Preesha, and Sharda that Sulochana is missing since sometime. Rudra gets Ahana’s call to come to defense colony and see what his mother is doing here. Rudra asks if she is fine. She asks him to come and see himself what his mother is doing with her friend. Rudra informs same to them. They all reach defense colony, and Rudra asks what is maa doing here. Ahana says she is drinking alcohol. Rudra reacts. She says this time she will prove her point and takes them to a house where she shows Sulochana with her friends. Sulochana is shocked to see them and asks what are they doing here. Ahana says she should tell what she is doing here. Sulochana says she is doing nothing. Ahana picks alcohol glass and asks if its juice or wine. Sulochana says this is not juice but sharbath. Ahana asks if she was cheering up with her friends, who does that. Friends back Sulochana. Sulcohana asks Rudra to check. Rudra sips and says its sharbat. Ahana also tastes it and says its not possible as she herself saw Sulochana’s friend pouring drink from wine bottle. Frieend says she stored sharbat in her husband’s wine bottle. Another friend says Sulochana doesn’t drink and is satvik. Ahana asks Sulochana why did she come here.

Precap: Vasu informs Preesha that she saw Ahana and Yuvraj together and is sure they are up to something.
Sulochana meets Yuvraj in a bar and asks what is he planning with Ahana. She is shocked to see Sulochana heavily inebriated in a modern attire.

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