Woh Chaand Toh Mein Hoon – HER SURPRISE FOR HIM (EP70)


The party continues after the exit of Puru and after Rhea ran behind her father. 

Naksh: Kaise party hai ye..no song no dance

Romi: Exactly 

Shivaay: Then lets dance

Ishq hai

 (Teri aankho ke matvale

 Kajal ko mera salam

 Zulfo ke kale kale

 Badal ko mera salam

 Ghayal kar de mujhe yaar

 Tere payal ke jhankar

 Hey soni soneteri soni

 Har ada ko salam

Shivaay pulls Anika to her feet. Seeing them on the dance floor Adi and Aliya too enter

 (Salaam-e-ishq ishq ishq


 (Ho salaam-e-ishq salaam-e



 Ishq hai

Kartik holds Naira closer and they share an eyelock. Keerthi comes and takes Naira away. Naksh pulls Kartik to dance

Ho teri mastani anjani

 Batao ko mera salam

 Rango me doobi doobi

 Raato ko mera salam

Keerthi joins them

 Khwabo me kho gayi mai

 Diwani ho gayi mai

 Sone sone aise sone

 Har ada ko salam

 Salam-e-ishq ishq ishq


Raman and Ishitha too join the dance. So do Naitik and Akshara. Naira silently sneaks out when none notice. 

Ho salaam-e-ishq salaam-e


 Salaam-e) – (2)

 Ishq ha

Anika slips when Shivaay holds her. He is about to kiss her when Flower petals are showered on them. They look up to see Ruhi and Aliya. Anika blushes and runs away.

Adi: Kya perfect moment tha jijaji…

Shivaay: Par your sister…uff

Kartik hugs them both

Naksh: You left me…

Kartik: Come and join saale saab

They have a group hug

Naira sneaks in silently. Kartik catches her. He pulls her into his embrace 

Teri meri nazar jo milli pehli baar

 Ho gaya ho gaya tujhse pyaar

 Dil hai kya dil hai kya

 Jaan bhi tujhoe nisar

 Maine tujhe kiya aitbar

 Ho mai bhi to tujhpe mar gayi

 Diwanapan kya kar gayi

 Meri har dhakan betab hai

 Palko vich tera khwab hai

Naira blushes. Naksh comes

Ho jaan se bhi pyaari pyaari

 Janiya ko salam

 (Ho salaam-e-ishq salaam-e


 Salaam-e) – (2)

 Ishq hai

Romi kisses Riya and hugs her tight

Mai tere ishq me do jaha vaar du

 Mere vaade pe kar le yakeen

 Keh raha aasman keh rahe hai zameen

 Tere jaisa duja nahi

 Ho aise jadu na daal ve

 Na aao tere naal ve

 Jhuti teride chodh de

 Ab dil mere dil se jod de

 Ho jo abhi hai dil se

 Nikli uss dua ko salam

Everyone see Riya getting emotional and


 Salaam-e-ishqishq ishq salaam-e-ishq

 (Ho salaam-e-ishq salaam-e


 Salaam-e) – (2)

 Ishq hai

 Salaam-e-ishq salaam-e – 2

 Ishq hai

Riya wipes her tears and she dances around.

Rab se hai iltija maaf kar de mujhe

 Mai to teri ibadat karu

 Aye meri soniye na khabar hai tujhe

 Tujhse kitni mohobbat karu

 Naira goes to Kartik and hugs him

Tere bin sab kuch benoor hai

 Meri mang me tere sindoor hai

 Sanso me yehi paigam hai

 Mera sab kuch tere naam hai

All men join together and

Ho dhadkano me rehne

 Wali soniye ko salam


As the song ends Naira drags Kartik with her. 

Kartik: What happened?

Naira: Surprise 

Kartik: Gift?

Naira: Haan..

She takes him to the porch area

Kartik: Where is it?

Naira: Promise me that you wont scold me after seeing it

Kartik: Promise

Naira: I want my gift to be the first so I did in a rush

Naira puts her hair front and turns behind. Kartik is taken aback

Kartik: Naira…yeh..

There is a tattoo of his name on her neck. Kartik gently kisses it

Kartik: Thats why you sneaked out now

Naira: No I did it when I came back from the sets..woh it was paining so I went to apply ice to it

Kartik: You took so much pain for me?

Naira: When you can do cant it?

Kartik turns her towards him and hugs her .

Ruhi: Kartik…naira come soon..we have to give our gifts and then eat..im hungry

Kartik and Naira walk in

Manish: First my turn

Manish gifts a pen

Manish: Pen with gold nib. Let every autograph you put be precious like you

Kartik hugs him

Swarna: Now my turn

She gives

Kartik: Thank you maa

Swarna: Thank you? You thank me idiot?

Kartik: Sorry

Kartik makes a cute face. Swarna hugs him

Naksh: Now our turn

Naksh and Keerthi take out their gift. Its an album and Kartik opens it

Keerthi: Pics from your college, modelling,auditions and everything

Kartik: You managed to get them..thats so sweet. 

Kartik hugs them. Naira too joins

Ruhi: Now

Shivaay: Our turn

Shivaay and Anika bring their gift

Kartik: Wow you read my mind..I wanted to buy one and here it is

Shivaay: This handsome hero needs them right

They hug

Adi: Now our turn

They get their gift

Kartik: A customised mug ..wow thank you yaar

Ruhi: Now our turn

Kartik: Initial carve..thank you so much Ruhi and Vihaan Ill place in my vanity

Naitik and Akshara bring their gift

Kartik: Thank you so much muma papa

As the gifts are given everyone have the dinner. Kartik feeds Naira. The scene freezes 

Its now 3 months since Kartik’s birthday party took place. Naira is in her 6th month of pregnancy. Looking beautiful in baby bump but. Kartik walks in

Kartik: Naira you are so cute now

Naira is offended by the word cute. She walks down. Kartik gets a call. Its from Rhea

Rhea: Im sorry Kartik..but I really want to attend the preview

Kartik: You can attend and producer sir will be giving you salary too

Rhea disconnects the call with a smirk. Kartik is confused by Naira’s reaction to cute.


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