Will We Unite? – (Part 3 ~ Car Talks)


Abhi says, “fuggie, I haven’t felt this happy in many years, I finally have you and our elder daughter back and they both have accepted us without any hesitation.” “Prachi never hated her father, she just had some dislike for him, but on knowing that you are father she must have forgotten all about it because at home she can never stop praising you, I’m just shocked that Riya accepted me so easily,” Pragya replies, happily. “Well, Riya could never stop praising you either and even if she didn’t accept you, I’m sure you would have made her love you, with your sweet and caring nature,” grins Abhi. Pragya blushes and says, “I just hope our family remains like this, happy and together, forever.” Abhi and Pragya look at each other and smile and Abhi continues driving.

Pragya sighs, “I just hope Prachi will remain happy with Ranbir as well.” Abhi replies, “I know Ranbir will keep Prachi happy and never break her trust.” Pragya says, “even I know that Ranbir is a good boy and will always keep my Prachi happy but what if Prachi isn’t happy with Ranbir but with someone else?.” Abhi calmly replies, “Ranbir’s love for Prachi is pure and if he feels that she isn’t happy with him I am sure he will give her happiness by leaving her to remain happy with that person.” Pragya says, “yes, but that way Ranbir will be hurting himself as it is always hard to see your love with someone else even if your loves happiness lies in that someone else.” Abhi sighs, “well then that’s just the way of fate but remember Ranbir and Prachi got married today because that’s what was written in their fate and me and you should know better than anyone, that someone can steal someone’s money but no one can steal someone’s kumkum and besides why are we focusing on what could be when we should be happy about our family’s reunion and Prachi and Ranbir’s marriage.” Pragya smiles, “you are right we shouldn’t be focusing on things that haven’t happened and only be focusing things that have.” Abhi grins, “I’m always right.” Pragya just rolls her eyes.


Riya and Shahana had a pretty silent and awkward car ride until now and Riya, wanting to get rid of this awkwardness says, “Shahana I know we haven’t really been buddy-buddies but Prachi is my sister and she is your best friend cum sister which in a way, makes me your cum sister so I could we be friends, for Prachi’s happiness because I don’t think she’ll like it if her best friend and sister don’t get along.” Shahana replies, “even I don’t think that Prachi will like it if we don’t get along so I’m willing to give this friendship a chance.” Riya and Shahana smile at each other and continue their trip chit-chatting about things to get to know each other better.


“Sarita ji for tonight you can come and stay with us, it is only for one day so please don’t refuse,” says Dida. Sarita ji smiles and says, “no, I wouldn’t want to be a burden on you guys.” “You will definitely not be a burden on us for Abhi and his family are our family now too and you are like family to them, especially our daughter-in-law Prachi.” After a lot of persuading Sarita ji agrees to stay with the Kohli’s and Mehra’s for one day.

Pallavi says, “Vikram we must reach home before Prachi and Ranbir.” :Why Pallo?” replies Vikram. “Why are you calling me Pallo in front of everyone?” Pallavi says. “Leave it na, but why do we have to reach home before our son and daughter-in-law?” questions Vikram. “Oh ho, sometimes I feel like I have born a donkey and not a boy,” says Dida face-palming herself. “Mom, at least don’t insult me in front of Sarita ji,” Vikram whines. “Why shouldn’t she after all you have completely forgotten that we still need to get the things ready for Prachi’s ghar parvesh,” Pallavi says, rolling her eyes (iss parivaar me kuch jyada nahi ladikya apniya eyes roll kartiya). “Oh,” Vikram says in realization while Sarita ji just observes the family’s argument with a soft smile. “Exactly Pallavi my son is an idiot,” says Dida. “Why does no one love me, I just hope my daughter-in-law doesn’t join my mother’s, my wife’s and my son’s team to torture me,” whines Vikram the three continuing their argument for the rest of the car trip with  Sarita ji adding something now and then.


Ranbir and Prachi were completely silent for about 10 whole minutes and Ranbir had enough silence from Prachi. “Prachi,” Ranbir says softly. “Hmm, ” replies Prachi, almost humming. “I know a lot has happened in the past few hours but I don’t want us to behave awkwardly, I also know that it will take some time for you to accept this marriage so I don’t want us to behave like husband or wife or like we used to behave, I just want us to behave like friends and only when your ready will we behave like husband and wife.” Prachi says, with a smile “thank you Ranbir.”

Prachi thinks, maybe I was wrong about Ranbir and he really is good. Prachi looks at with Ranbir with a sort of affection no other girl had seen him with before, in her eyes. Ranbir looks back at Prachi with the same affection and give the most sweetest smile he had ever offered anyone. The two are bought out of their sweet eyelock by the sound of a horn and Prachi and Ranbir instantly look away from each other.

Ranbir continues driving the car and thinks, did I just see love in Prachi’s eyes. No, no Ranbir you are thinking too much, you just told Prachi that you and her can be friends so why would she look at you with love. I just wish she was though, then I could tell her how my starts beating whenever I hear her name. Prachi thinks, why do I feel so different with Ranbir, why does my heart start beating as if I actually like him. Do I love him? No, no, no Prachi your thinking too much it probably because you just got married to him and Shahana’s teasing is probably getting to you. Yes, I do not love Ranbir even if he is now, my husband. Both continue their ride in a peaceful and enjoyable silence lost in each others thoughts and Prachi thinking whether or not she loves Ranbir and Ranbir thinking whether or not Prachi loves him.

 Soon, they reach the house and Ranbir realises that he doesn’t have any house keys on him hence, he rings the doorbell.

1100 words

I know this part was a little boring but next time I will try and make the part more interesting. 

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~Riya Sharma 

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