Watch Paatal Lok Reviews: Amazon Prime Latest Web Series Promises Gripping Crime Thriller


Anushka Sharma’s Produced show, Paatal Lok is released on Amazon Prime Today. Here, we have a full review of the show along with the details of the characters. First of all, you must know that the Paatal Lok was a huge show introduced by the producers a month ago, a trailer was released earlier and since then the viewers were waiting for its final release. The series looks promising and the way it grows is quite emotional and we are pretty sure that the viewers are going to love it. As far as we know that Amazon Prime is working on various big releases in India. Well, that’s good information because now the other streaming platform will try to release content worthy series too. Some big stars, names, and makers are behind the releases of various web series. Paatal Lok Season 2 Release Date

Paatal Lok Season 1 Reviews

The series Paatal Lok is a thriller crime based series, the show follows the pattern of crime and drama. The series itself looks like the combination of Mirzapur and Sacred Games. The show Paatal Lok seems interesting and the way makers have done work on it is awesome. The show Paatal Lok season 1 is released on the OTT platform Amazon Prime. Now, we are waiting desperately for other people’s reviews. Here, we have the full Paatal Lok review so you can explore the show with exact expectations. Paatal Lok Memes

Paatal Lok Story & Plot

As you all can see in the trailer, the show looks like the tale of three different worlds, the writers have tried to portray three class of people, one of them is Swar Lok where all the rich people live (metaphorically),  Dharti Lok is for the normal people (metaphorically), and Paatal Lok is the place of all criminals (metaphorically). We are pretty sure that the series Paatal Lok will impress a lot of people.

The series is different and not like the average Indian web series. The best thing about the Paatal Lok Season 1 is the plot, content, and the characters. You will see a police officer who is trying to do his best and earn some respect in front of his family as well as the department. He got the big case and he tries to solve it so he can get respect but things doesn’t go easy for him. On the other hand, we have seen a criminal who kills people with a hammer and that’s the case the Police officer receives.

One of the biggest releases of the year is Paatal Lok which is featuring Gul Panag. Reports are coming that the series is created by Anushka Sharma. The show is about to launch on various streaming platforms, which, she claims, are beneficial for actors as they are powered by audience request. Overall, we think that Amazon Prime’s Patal Lok is going to impress a lot of people. The release date of the Paatal Lok series is 15 May 2020.

Sources are claiming that the Rangbaaz and Pavan and Pooja with Sharman Joshi are already are a huge hit and now she is back with the third series. Some sources are saying that the content is promising and people love it for sure. You all must know that the people have loved all the web series released in India. The actor is seeking forward to her role in web-series The Family Man together with Manoj Bajpayee for an intelligence officer.

Watch Paatal Lok All Episodes Online On Amazon Prime

Now, as you all might know that Amazon has already promised that they are going to release some great content worthy series in India and they are about to do it. The series will be launching out on Amazon Prime Video on September 20, 2020, she claimed. So far we have reported that it is a crime-drama. The show is created by Clean Slate Films. It is dubbed Patal Lok. I play a character that I enjoy playing. It is an ensemble cast, Gul said. As far as we know the series Patal Lok will leave no doubts in your mind. We loved it, the characters have done a nice job and the storytelling seems interesting in it.