Udaariyaan 21st September 2021 Written Episode Update: Simran comes home


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The Episode starts with Fateh shouting on Buzo and Tejo. He asks Tejo to tell the truth, how long will she hide her romance. Dada ji asks why are you shouting on her. Gurpreet says he is saying right, Tejo and Buzo…. in the kitchen. Tejo says no, its not like that, I was crying, he was consoling me. Fateh says Khushbeer will agree, but you can’t fool me and my mum. He gets angry on Buzo. He asks how long will you put the curtain on the truth, tell them, what’s the truth. Simran comes and says I will tell what’s the truth. She walks in. Everyone looks on shocked. Gurpreet says Simran… and hugs her. Amrik and Mahi also hug Simran. They cry. Fateh says Simran di…. Simran stops him. Gurpreet asks when did you come to India. Fateh asks why didn’t you tell us about your coming. Khushbeer says Gurpreet, ask her why did she come. Simran says I have come for Tejo. He asks you mean you have come from Canada for Tejo. She says no, I m coming from Faridkot, I came back from Canada three years back. He asks are you in India since three years. Amrik says we spoke on video call last week. Simran says that calls were false, I was living in Faridkot. Gurpreet asks when did you come, and Amanpreet. Khushbeer says don’t take ghat guy’s name. Tejo recalls Simran’s words. Gurpreet asks is everyone fine, did anything happen with you.

Khushbeer says she has no courage to tell us, like you ran away before, just run away now also. Fateh says please let her say, what is it that Tejo and Buzo know, what we don’t know. He asks Simran what’s the matter. He says Buzo, you knew about Simran, right, tell me. He catches his collar. Simran says stop Fateh, I will tell you, when I came back three years ago, I met Buzo, he was the one who supported her, he settled me, he got a job for me, I didn’t know when we both fell in love. Fateh says how dare you… I regarded you my friend, I didn’t know you will cheat me. Buzo says you think I can cheat you, I was helpless, I didn’t had courage. Fateh says you got courage today. Simran says he didn’t have courage even today, I had to get this courage just for Tejo, fate made me meet Tejo, she gave me courage, she told me that everything will get fine, the cheap blame you have put on Tejo, I had to come here for that.

She holds Buzo’s hand. She says Buzo’s relation is with me, not Tejo. Everyone gets shocked. Simran says Tejo used to come to Faridkot to teach NGO kids, Tejo and I got to meet there, you had doubted Buzo and Tejo, their relation is that of mine and Amrik, Buzo regards her a sister, not Bhabhi, I didn’t expect this from you, Fateh, Tejo understands Buzo and my relation, so she supported us. Gurpreet says forget it, you will stay with us from now. Khushbeer says she can’t stay here, she is in India since three years, she didn’t tell anyone, she would have done something that she is hiding her face. He asks Buzo how did you hide such a big thing from Fateh. He says my own children ruined me, I had respect outside, my children ashamed me, Simran was hiding here, why, ask her. Tejo recalls Simran. Simran says because… Tejo signs no. Simran cries.

Gurpreet asks her to say. Simran says I can’t say. Nimmo asks why didn’t Tejo tell anything. Simran says I asked her not to tell. Fateh says you trusted them more than us, you made them family and family outsiders. Simran says relations are made by heart, not blood, you have no right to question anyone, you did wrong and you are talking great things now. Khushbeer says enough, you both get out of here. Biji says Simran came home after long, give her a chance. Khushbeer says no, I will not tolerate more, ask her to leave. Tejo says please forgive Simran, accept her, whatever Fateh did, he is also living here. Khushbeer says you think I m happy seeing this Heer Ranjha here, they can also go, before anyone threatens me, I will tell you all, I will leave this house if she comes here. Simran says no, you don’t need to go, I was away for these years, I asked Tejo to swear and not tell anyone, I will leave from this house, its my mistake, I just came to prove Tejo innocent, Tejo is a good wife, good Bhabhi and good sister, I m leaving this house, I will never come back, its my promise. Simran and Buzo leave. Khushbeer shouts don’t dare to go out of the house. Gurpreet and everyone cry. Gurpreet goes. Tejo goes after her. Gurpreet calls out Simran and stops her. They hug. Gurpreet says tell me how are you, where do you stay. Simran says I can’t tell anything, go inside, dad is already worried because of Fateh and me. She says Tejo, I m sorry, you got blamed because of Buzo and me. Tejo says no.

Simran says Tejo please take care of her, take her inside. She asks Gurpreet not to worry. She says I will come back, let me go now. Buzo and Simran leave on his scooty. Tejo hugs Gurpreet. Khushbeer says I didn’t expect this from you Tejo, I trusted you, you lied to me, none of you should meet Simran, else you know me and my anger. Jasmin says wow Tejo, you always say the truth, you have hidden a big thing from the family, about their daughter, its good, the truth came out, else they would have assumed you as the world’s best bahu. Fateh shouts shut up Jasmin. He holds her hand and takes her to the room. He says if you can’t talk well, then keep your mouth shut. She asks why didn’t you tell anything to Tejo, she lied about Simran Tejo and Mahi come. Fateh says she did that for Simran, what did I think. Jasmin says its normal to believe what you see. He says I should have not, I saw Tejo and Buzo together and don’t know what I thought, I didn’t try to know truth, because I wanted to get rid of my guilt, it was the most easy way, a man is mean, when he falls, he wants to make everyone fall, I fell in my own eyes, I can’t meet her eyes. Mahi says he still has some humanity left. Tejo says when a person’s mind is blinded, then even his humanity isn’t seen. Fateh sits crying.

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