Udaariyaan 10th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Fateh proposes Jasmin


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The Episode starts with Satti saying Tejo’s marriage won’t happen. Biji says we will not tell this to anyone, don’t lose courage. Tai ji comes to call Satti. Fateh is in washroom. He cries recalling Jasmin. Jas and his mum have a talk. He says there are many crazy people here, who want to go to Canada, don’t worry, we can fool many. Fateh comes out of the washroom. He sees them. Jas worries. Fateh’s family discusses about his good thinking. Jas asks all okay. Fateh says no. Jas asks what happened. Fateh says don’t know, I m with you, don’t worry. He speaks to his sister and goes. Khushbeer says he is sensible, he will not bring shame for me like Simran, he is my dad. His wife says Simran still respects you. He says so she left us, love has become her big weakness that she got strength to go against me. Dada ji says love gives strength to person to go against family also. Khushbeer says I trust Fateh, he will not fall weak like Simran.

Fateh hears an old couple’s talk. He smiles. Jasmin gets Fateh’s note. She looks around and says it means, the lover is here. Jas and his mum joke about Jasmin’s marriage. Tejo comes and asks Jasmin’s marriage. Jas says we have started to find a guy for Jasmin, you can come with me to Canada and her dream can also fulfill. Jasmin goes to meet her lover. Fateh comes there. He says its me. She says it means you have sent that gifts and letters. He smiles and nods. She smiles and thanks him. She says all the gifts are lovely, shayari was also the best, but I want to tell something clearly that…. He says no need to tell anything, I know everything, I know about your dreams, your dream is to go to Canada, I will fulfill your dream, I will take you to Canada. She smiles.

She says you can’t imagine Fateh, I m so happy today. His dream breaks. Jasmin says you are mad, I like it, but I m sorry. He stops her and says I m not fooling you, I will apply for a job in Canada. She says why not, then they will say that they were waiting for you, people take years but they don’t get visa. He says when love has happened, then I will take you to Canada, people leave the world for love, I can shift to Canada. Jasmin says you love me, I don’t love you, everyone here dreams of a Canada job letter, its not easy, else I would have reached there. He says I will take you there. She says many told this to me. He says I love you a lot, I m educated, I m from a respected family, I m a national level boxing player, I will get a job in Canada easily. He says fine, you try if you want, show me your face when you have the appointment letter. He holds her hand and says its a matter of a week.

She says fine, I will give you a month, Jas is also finding a Canada guy for me, if I marry him, then don’t tell me anything. He says I m your Jas’ baraati, until my job gets fixed, we shall become friends, we can know each other well. She says fine, no chance if no appointment letter, my hopes broke. She goes. He says I won’t let anything break. Tejo’s dad gets worried by Jas’ mum’s demands. Jas acts sweet in front of Tejo. She smiles. He says I will make some plan that your and Jasmin’s paperwork happens soon. Jasmin asks really. Jas says yes. Jasmin asks her to keep gold sets carefully. Jas’ mum says I will handle it. Jas and his mum leave. They laugh. Tejo says I m very happy for Jasmin today, Jas is a nice man, he worries for Jasmin a lot, I wanted such a life partner who takes care of my family along with me.

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