Twinj: When I Fell For You: Season 2 Episode 22


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Twinj: When I Fell For You: Season 2 Episode 22

A quick recap: Twinkle and Kunj struggle to get Simmi to do her homework. They get an ultrasound done. Kunj expresses his worry about Simmi being too involved in gossip and deals with it himself. Simmi’s flickering ambitions are revealed.

“Ooh!” Simmi exclaimed when Twinkle placed her hand on her tummy so that she could feel the baby’s movements. Twinkle smiled as she watched Simmi feel curiously and giggle whenever she felt something. “Do all babies do that?” Simmi asked excitedly, and Twinkle nodded when they heard the door open and looked up to see Kunj walk in. “Papa! Do you know what you just missed?” Simmi asked as she jumped off the bed and ran to him. He picked her up immediately and twirled her, making her laugh. She then dragged him to the bed and jumped onto his lap as soon as he had sat down. “Mumma says that it’s the baby’s way of speaking to people that it likes! The baby likes me already!” Simmi chirped excitedly as she told Kunj about the baby’s movements while he listened carefully, glad that they were getting along. He then leaned to place a peck on Twinkle’s forehead as he whispered a “Hi!” to her. “How could you be so late, Kunj?” Twinkle asked disappointedly as she glanced at the clock that read 11. She listened uninterestedly as he told her about the work that was holding him back. “Did you eat?” Simmi asked Kunj, knowing that was definitely her mother’s next question, making them chuckle. “I did. Thank you!” He replied, pulling her cheeks. He then picked her up and laid her properly in the middle of the bed, and began to hum her favourite lullaby to put her to sleep as he patted her gently.

“The baby loves that lullaby too!” Twinkle told Kunj when he returned to sit in front of her after Simmi had slept. “Really? And what about the baby’s Mumma?” He asked with a wink as he placed his hand on her tummy, and she smiled in response. “You knew that we are going away tomorrow morning, Kunj. All I had asked for is that you spend some time with us tonight.” She spoke, clearly unhappy with him. “Do you really have to go?” He asked instead, making his best puppy face at her. “Although that’s very cute, it’s not going to change anything.” She informed, making him frown. “I could stay at home and take care of you and Simmi, you know? Why do we bother Leela Ma?” He tried his last shot, although he knew it was in vain. He had already requested Leela and got Twinkle to stay for a month after Leela and Usha had decided it was about time that she lived at her mother’s place for the rest of her pregnancy. “You know that’s not working, don’t you?” Twinkle asked and he nodded, keeping his eyes lowered. She cupped his face and made him look at her. “We both know that you can’t actually take the remaining month and a half off, Kunj! Ma doesn’t let me do anything at all, Simmi doesn’t listen to me. I’ll have Bhabhi around too there.” She explained, both of them turning to look at Simmi momentarily. She had been the most excited to go to the Taneja mansion, because for her it meant getting to play with Pari all day long, and now Pihu was there too to add to the fun. “She hasn’t realised that she’ll be missing you a lot, yet.” Twinkle told Kunj and he nodded before asking “Won’t you miss me?” She hugged him tight at that, for she already knew that Kunj would be spending as much time as possible at Taneja Mansion.

“Papa is not coming to drop us?” Simmi asked the next morning when Rahul came by to take Twinkle and Simmi along. “He’ll cry when he has to let your Mumma go, Simmi! That’s why I’m here.” Rahul answered the question directed at Twinkle and Kunj, while Usha and Manohar giggled. “Very funny!” Kunj taunted, his mood being awful since he had woken up, not wanting to let Twinkle and Simmi go. “Papa, you’ll come there at least once in three days, no? On days that you don’t come, I’ll video call, ok?” Simmi told Kunj, making him kneel down in front of her and kissed him on his cheek. “Once in three days?” Rahul repeated, laughing and added, “Kunj will be there all the time! If you take my word, Kunj should probably just pack and come along!” Twinkle held back her laughter at that as Kunj shot Rahul a bored look. “Oh, I’m sorry, am I salting your wounds, buddy?” Rahul asked again, and this time Simmi answered, “Rahul, you are a really bad person! Don’t you see how sad Papa is because I won’t be here for a long time? Why are you troubling him?” She called him Rahul fondly, not Rahul uncle or anything of that sort, for he had promised her that he was as good a friend of hers as he was her mother’s, and by that logic, Simmi had argued, she could as well call him what her mother did, and he agreed happily, being more excited about the idea than anyone else. “I’m sorry, Simmi! I didn’t mean to.” He apologised sincerely, holding his ears and Simmi nodded before returning to console Kunj.

Twinkle then took Usha and Manohar’s blessings, with them strictly forbidding her from bending to touch their feet. She was their daughter after all, and could do with a hug instead, they argued. Usha gave Twinkle a last minute remainder of the different aspects that she needed to care for, finally giving up with the reason that Leela would always be there to take care of her anyway. “You better stop locking your balcony’s door!” Kunj whispered to her when he hugged her and asked her to take care as he bade farewell. She smiled as she whispered her approval, hundreds of memories of him sneaking in through her balcony coming back to her. Simmi had instructed Manohar to take his medicines on time, and asked Usha to take care of him, with them pretending to be scared of her while she told them she would keep an eye on them and punish them if they didn’t listen.

Rahul’s prediction had been precise, for it had hardly been a couple of hours since Twinkle and Simmi had entered the Taneja mansion when Kunj came there with the excuse that Twinkle had left something behind and he had some to return it. Amaya had pulled his ear to make him accept that he had just come by to see Simmi. It had taken Leela’s insistence to make him accept that he had been missing Twinkle and Simmi already. Leela had been the happiest that they had come home, and had pampered both of them with all their favourite dishes as a little welcome surprise. Pari and Simmi had been so busy playing that they hardly realised time pass by, they were getting to stay together after so long after all had been their argument. Twinkle spent the day with Leela, taking care of Pihu in Amaya’s absence, the mother-daughter duo enjoying their time together, and the evenings with RT in his study, mostly reading the books that he brought for her, although sometimes, when it was absolutely necessary, he would also sneak in some work related stuff since she wasn’t going to the office anymore. It was their little secret, for if Leela had found out, both of them would get scolded. Yuvi would be seen trying to fulfil all of Simmi and Pari’s demands, which were mostly only their specific chocolates and biscuits, but they would only remember something just when he had got home with something else and it was becoming harder for him to keep up recently.

Twinkle’s balcony door was left unlocked just as planned and Simmi just loved it when Kunj would sneak in either early in the morning or late in the night, like it was their little secret, while in reality, everyone was aware. Kunj found Twinkle’s mood swings testing his patience all the time, with her seeming either too happy or too worried and sad, there was no in between at all. He, however had learnt his lessons well when they were expecting Simmi and put them all to use this time around. He had got Simmi to report to him whenever Twinkle needed him and needless to say, he would be there in a jiffy. Leela had insisted that he could come and leave through the main door after a couple of weeks had passed by, since she was tired of refilling the band aids in the first aid box when all of them went to the small cuts that he would end up getting every now and then as he used his well practised methods to climb up to Twinkle’s balcony. Yuvi would be the one that caught him red handed most of the times, for he had learnt the time pattern that Kunj followed and it was always fun to tease him, although Amaya had repeatedly asked him to let them be.

Usha would drop by a lot too, and even before they all had realised it, things had gone back to the way they were several years ago when almost every weekend would be a get together one, with Chinki joining in with her family as frequently as she could. Twinkle had finally managed to get Rahul to accept that he was in love with Nidhi, who he had been seeing on Leela and RT’s persistence for about a year now, and a simple engagement ceremony was held at the Taneja mansion, for no other reason than that he practically lived there and might as well consider shifting in. He had told Twinkle that he was agreeing only on the condition that he wouldn’t be pushed to marry immediately byt would be given his time and space and thus it was decided that the wedding would happen a few months later, when Twinkle’s baby would be old enough to be taken to a ceremony as well. Kunj had been pleased, for according to him, Rahul getting married meant he would stop getting in the way of his and Twinkle’s romance all the time. Although when he had expressed the ides to Twinkle, he had received a smack in return.

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