The Riansh story after six months (Episode 3)


So episode continues,

Sejal calls Riddhima and says her to reach the hotel which Vansh had planned to party.As she was busy in buying materials she had asked her to go and see the location.At the same time Vansh feels that he should go and check the place.

Riddima agrees to it and goes to the location in a three wheeler.Meanwhile Sejal also completes her work and Reaches the location before Riddima and sees Vansh present.She thinks that it was better that she reached before Riddima.

Vansh :Well! you have done your work well, Interesting!

Sejal: Thank you sir I will try my best to make it more better!

Just then Sejal notices from the window that Riddima also had reached the hotel

Sejal(thinking):Woah!this is a nice situation to make Vansh and Riddima meet.Just then she sees a Jeep behind the three wheeler Riddima arrived and she notices a guy covered with a mask comes with a hankerchief.

Sejal(shouting):HELP!! someone is kidnapping my friend!

At the nick of the time she utters only friend not Riddima as she saw Vansh infront of her.

Vansh(suprised):Where !

He then sees only the behind of riddima being forcefully dragged inside the jeep.

Sejal: Please sir can you help me rescuing her and we need to be carefull because she is pregnant!

Vansh accepts Sejals request and calls Angre and asks him to track the vehicle no he gives as he had noted the jeep number when Sejal  shows him the jeep and the get to know the location.Vansh asks Sejal to join him in his car when she enters the car she gets a call,she puts it into speaker so that vansh also can hear it,

UNKNOWN:I know that you are coming to rescue yout friend!But be careful as you are meddling with two lives, bring me 2 crores to the place i say,then i will release your friend or else two lives will reach god today!

Then the Kidnapper remembers how he was ordered by Tia to kidnap Riddima.


TIA:Do as i say! Call that girls friend ask a ransom as it should be like a kidnap for ransom or else i me and ishani will get caught ok got it! I will send you the photo of the girl .

KIDNAPPER:OK madam will do a you say but we will keep the ransom money!

TIA:Do whatever you want with the money and the girl should not be alive at the end of the day ok!


Sejal:I will do as you say please leave my friend !(crying)

The call ends and Sejal starts to cry as she does not know how to arrange such a huge amount.Then Vansh says that he will give it as money doesnt matter to him only lives matter.

VANSH:(thinking)I dont know why but i feel so anxious to find that girl and why do i feel i should save her and her child.

Just then Angre calls and says that they have traced the kidnappers calls and Vansh gets shocked listening to him.Sejal gets the kidnappers call and she is iformed the place.

Vansh:Dont worry Sejal your friend will be fine and she will be rescued on time.

Meanwhile Sejal and Vansh goes to the place informed.They enter into a old shed.One of the kidnapper only sees sejal and asks for the money just the Vansh bans a heroic entry and fights with the goons.Just then Sejal spots Riddima but one of the goons capture her too.Then She shouts help just then Riddima hears the voice and identifies her.She could not see as the goons had covered her face.Riddima felt a known feeling and she was shocked.Vansh beats all the goons black and blue while he finished Angre arrived with the police.Vansh releases Sejal and she reahes to Riddima and she tries to release Riddima is unable to do so and she glances at vansh and her understood that she is asking for help.Vansh went towards Riddima but he could not identify her but his heartbeat started beating fast and Riddima could hear it.when Vansh realeses her she falls down unconscious.Sejal then shouts RIDDIMA!!!Vansh gets shocked by hearing the name and he goes forward.Sejal takes of the cloth that covered her face and then she starts crying as she could not see her friend in pain.

Sejal: Please sir help her!!

Vansh turns amd sees Riddima.Unknowingly tears come from his eyes.He runs towards her and holds her in his arms and shouts RIDDIMA!! Then he tries to to wake her up but she doesnt open her eyes.Vansh hugs her and cries looking at her.He says:”wake up Riddima your vansh is here!”


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