The Mysterious Culprit: Vyom or someone else? Chapter 32


The episode start with

Iravan shouted ‘IRAVATI’….

Sharanya grabs Iravati’s hand and pulls her towards her to save her from injury. But still Iravati’s neck was badly bruised. Iravan hugs Iravati.


Sharanya (points to a masked man, who shot an arrow to Iravati): There is someone.


Vyom (to soldiers): Go and capture the masked man who tried to harm Queen Iravati.


Soldiers run after a masked man who runs out of the royal court window.


Iravan: Maharaj, do you still think that all these incidents are just a coincidence?


Maharaj: But,


Iravan: Now, I also think that, there is still this stereotype of the Maharaj and Maharani that only the son of the elder son can inherit the throne. And only because of that they did not pay so much attention to the murder of our son. I am sure that if it had been the son of Prince Udayveer and Queen Rati in place of my son, Hridoy, they would surely have punished the murderer.


Maharani: No it is not like that, Prince Iravan.


Iravan: So why hasn’t anyone done anything till now. Haven’t you all seen that someone has tried to kill my wife, in front of everybody, in this Royal Court.


Maharani: In order to punish, we must know the real culprit.


Iravati (in pained voice): How many times do I have to give proof that Queen Sharanya is the culprit.


Maharaj: Not again, Queen Iravati. She is the only one who saved you today.


Iravati: Didn’t all you saw that only Queen Sharanya saw that masked man, which no one noticed. She wants to save me and be good in the eyes of everyone again.


Iravan: Please, Queen Iravati, relax. Speaking too much in this condition is not good for you.


Maharani: For now it is important to provide medical help for Queen Iravati.


Iravan helps Iravati to stand up and just at that moment, Tara moves towards Iravati in the context of helping her but she stabs Iravati in her stomach.

Everyone is hell shocked .

Tara smirks. Everyone runs towards Iravati. But Iravati stop everyone. Iravan, holding Iravati, weeps bitterly.


Iravati ( in pained voice): I am damn sure, still no-one will trust me. But now I will take revenge by cursing this dynasty. Then only my Hridoy’s and my soul will rest in peace. From today till my son’s murderer is punished, I curse you all…

In every generation, the son of youngest Prince will be the eldest and heir of all his cousins. And all the other Princes will lose their first child. In every generation, the royal family will witness the deaths of many innocent children. And nobody else can do anything. Because it is a mother’s curse….


Iravati fainted. Tara kept smirking standing there.


Rati (slaps Tara): How dare you do this?

Vyom: Where did you get this much courage?

Maharaj angrily comes there and slit Tara’s neck.


Scene 2

Iravati’s room

Iravati is lying on the bed and doctor is examining her. Only Iravan, Maharaj and Maharani were present in the room.


Doctor: I am sorry, but there was poison in the dagger and now it is too late and we can’t save Queen Iravati.


Iravan (cries): No, how is this possible? Your job is to save the dying person. Then why are you not saving my wife?


Iravan sat beside him holding Iravati’s hand. Maharani tries to pacify Iravan. Iravati move her finger. Iravan becomes happy.


Iravan: Queen Iravati… Are you fine?

Iravati: Kunwar saa… My Hridoy… Justice…

Iravan: Yes, Queen Iravati.


But Queen Iravati died after speaking that much and the three words became the last three words of Queen Iravati. Iravan shouted ‘Iravati’….


Next day,

Iravati’s room,


Iravan sits with Iravati’s favorite clothes and anklets and Hirdoy’s favorite toys, remembering the time he spent with his beloved son and wife. The Maharani comes to the room. It is a most painful feeling for her to see her son in this condition. She goes to Iravan and speaks ‘Iravan’ softly with her hand on his head.


Iravan turns and sees his mother beside him. He hugged his mother tightly and cried his heart out.


Iravan: Why mother, why? Why is God doing this to me? What sin did my family commit?


Maharani: My son, no one knows the will of God and the reason behind his doing.


The Maharani sees Udayveer and Vyom outside the room waiting for them.


Maharani: My son, the time has come to perform the last rites of your wife and son. Come with me, come on.


Iravan: Mother, you can go. I will follow you.

The Maharani left from there.


Maharani ( to Vyom and Udayveer): We all have to take care of him. He is Heartbroken.

Udayveer and Vyom nod positively.


Iravan (in the room): I promise both of you (Iravati and Hridoy), I will go to any extent to bring justice to both of you. Even if that culprit is a member of our family.


Iravan sees Tara’s husband, Tarun, outside his room.


Iravan: What is this person doing here? I must chase him to get some clues.


Iravan starts chasing Tarun. Tarun entered inside a store room.


Iravan: Store Room? I think he is going to meet his master.


Inside the store room,


Tarun is talking to someone.


Iravan: Who is this mysterious person? I am sure he is the mysterious culprit.


Tarun: My wife and I have always followed all your orders, without questioning you. Then why such an end for my wife?


Mysterious Person: Because she was a fool. Who told her to attack that Iravati from the front? And you are saying that like both of you don’t want to take revenge?


Tarun: Yes, both of us wanted to avenge our humiliation in public. I also cannot forget how they beat my son and insulted us in front of the whole village. But this did not mean that in the process of revenge, my wife would have to lose her life. You promised me a happy life. And without my wife I cannot be happy. As you have broken my trust, I will also tell everyone …


The mysterious person stabs Tarun.


Mysterious person (smirks): I am sorry, but I can’t take the risk.


Mysterious person removes the cloth from his face. Iravan is shocked to see that person . Iravan accidentally dropped a vase kept near him. Mysterious person saw Iravan there.


Iravan (surprisingly): You? You were behind all this? Why? Why did you do all this? What was the enmity between us? We are all family and still you betrayed me? What did you want from me? You could have asked me, I could have given you my life happily, even. (Holding the mysterious person’s hand angrily) You know that my wife and my son were my whole world and without them, I cannot live for even a second, then why did you kill them?


Mysterious person: Then who told you to be alone. (Mysterious person stabs Iravan too. Iravan screams in pain.) Oops… I am sorry, but I can’t take the risk…


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