The Big Bang Theory Season 13 Renewed Or Canceled? Check Release Date, & Spoilers


The Big Band Theory Season 13 is confirmed? This is the question people are asking a lot on the Internet. As we all know that the 12th season was ended in a very emotional point and since then viewers are imagining the future of contestants. We are expecting to see the new show by Netflix again but when? The thing with Big Bang Theory is that it is quite a famous show but it ended and people don’t want to see it end. As per the reports, a new series of the Big Bang Theory has been already under production on Netflix but we don’t really have the exact reports about it. Still, fans are speculating about the upcoming episodes. Everyone is talking about the Big Bang Theory Season 13.

Is The Big Band Theory Season 13 is coming?

So far we have seen a lot of fake news about the release of the series soon but the creators themselves neglected the process of the new season. They have confirmed that series 13 will not happen any time soon. You can see that they haven’t refused the chances of production but it could take time and with the team, we mean a really long time.

As well all know that the second 12 ended with Sheldon Cooper (played by Jim Parsons) and his wife Amy (Mayim Bialik) getting their Nobel Prize. We have seen Sheldon giving the emotional speech and that speech left fans in tears. Even we have seen how Amy and Sheldon finally are getting married after Sheldon admitted his feelings for her.

The Big Bang Theory Season 13 Release Date

Fans are admitting that they can’t resist the thought of The Big Bang Theory season 13 is not happening. The discussion started on Reddit and it took further when one user posted about seeing Penny and Leonard’s child in the upcoming season though that is just fan-made theory. Amy would get pregnant? And we don’t know what else will happen as it will amaze a lot of people.

The fans are comparing the series with FRIENDS as we have seen the Friends reunion reports too. People are waiting for the FRIENDS and The Big Bang Theory Season 18 release as soon as they can because they are expecting new content from them.