Tera Mera Saath Rahe 8th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Gopi impresses Nikhila


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Scene 1
Gopi and Raashi are scared of the cow. Raashi steps in cow dung and screams. She tells Gopi that I am in a trouble because of you, so now you will get the milk. She throws Gopi in the stable and locks her there.

Ramila wakes up her son and says Raashi needs milk. We need to get milk from somewhere. He says we can pour water in the milk to get the volume.

Minal asks Nikhila if we should check on the daughter in laws? She says no. I am sure, my Gopi bahu is strong and will take care of Raashi.

Ramila brings two milk packets to Raashi and asks her to mix water in it. Raashi pours them in a bucket and pours water. Gopi is screaming for Raashi’s help. She tries to go near the cow but is scared. She recalls how Nikhila said that she trusts her daughter in law.

Raashi thinks I will take the milk to the family now before Gopi. She comes in the house and shows her milk bucket. Nikhila thinks how could she take the milk before Gopi. Minal says I am impressed. Nikhila asks where is Gopi? Raashi says she is still trying to get the milk from the cow, I told her to let it be but she didn’t listen.

Gopi prays to Kahna ji and tells the cow a story about Kahna and says my mother in law has some wishes so please let me have some milk. Please help me. She goes near the cow and the cow is calm. The family enters the stable and all are shocked to see Gopi taking out the milk from the cow. The family smiles as Gopi brings the milk bucket to the family. Gopi thanks the cow. Nikhila asks if she has done this before? Gopi says never. Nikhila says even then you were not scared. Nikhila looks at Raashi’s bucket and sees it being different from Gopi’s. Gopi thinks Raashi went to arrange the milk, she is so nice. Nikhila says we only have one cow so how come Raashi and Gopi have different milk? Raashi’s bucket is cold. We are sure that Gopi was taking the milk from the cow so where did Raashi bring the milk from? Raashi says I took the milk before Gopi so it went cold. Nikhila says it feels like it was in the fridge. She asks Gopi to tell her the truth. Gopi thinks Raashi was helping us both. Minal says let it be. Raashi must have gotten the milk before Gopi so it went cold. Nikhila glares at Raashi and leaves. Raashi thinks I am saved now.

The family sit for the ring finding ritual. Chiragh and Raashi are searching for the ring in the milk. Raashi finds it. Shaksham and Gopi play it. Shaksham glares at Gopi and recalls how she cheated him. Shaksham and Gopi both find the ring together.

PRECAP – Nikhila gifts a necklace to Gopi and says the media will be here so I want you to welcome them in English. Gopi tells Raashi that I don’t know English, Nikhila must know about it. Raashi says she is giving you a chance to do something new. Gopi asks her to teach her English. Raashi says I don’t have time. Gopi thinks how will I talk in English now?

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