Spoilers 29th January 2020


Mere Dad Ki Dulhan:
Guneet is going to marry Anurag, who is much impressed by her charming personality. Anurag too puts efforts in winning her heart. Guneet too starts liking him. He sings for her and surprises her romantically. Guneet gets blushing by his surprise. Amber meets a musician in the party. Nia wants Amber to meet the lady and know her well. Amber and Guneet have a strong liking for each other because of their online friendship. They get into new relationships. Guneet doesn’t know her feelings. She feels special because of her chat friend.


Amar acts good in front of Shiv. He doesn’t want Shiv to doubt him. He wants Shiv’s powers. Mohini tells Amar that he can’t tolerate the powers in his body, Shiv is very powerful. She promises him that he will get Ananya. She wants to get her powers and help Amar. Amar tells her that he wants more powers than Shiv and her. She tells him that she has raised him like a son, she can’t see him becoming a devil. He tells her that he wants to become a devil.


Kumkum B

Kundali B



Kulfi KB


Kahaan HKT

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