Shakti 10th July 2020 Written Episode Update: Heer and Virat’s haldi ceremony


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The Episode starts with Virat calling Shanno and asking her to give call to Heer. Shanno gives call to Heer. Heer takes the call. Virat asks if she got the haldi applied. She says no. Virat asks her to apply haldi and send her photo with haldi glow to him. Heer asks what to do if one has to choose between the loved ones. Virat asks if everything is fine? Heer says yes. Virat asks her to choose any of them and says neither of them will feel bad if they truly loves you. Heer says ok and ends the call. Shanno asks her to get ready for the haldi rasam. Heer comes ready for the rasam. Soham says the rasam is very dry and tells that they shall dance. Heer begins dancing and sings song. Soham joins her and dances. Heer misses Soumya. Mahi applies haldi to Heer and gets emotional. Raavi and Shanno apply haldi to her hands and face. Preeto recalls that she is a kinnar as said by the doctor. Virat is seated for his haldi and tells Parmeet that dad had applied haldi to Veer ji, but not me. Parmeet says he will apply haldi to you, I will bring him. Heer wishes Soumya shall return. Parmeet comes to Sant Baksh and tells that haldi function is going on downstairs, please come down. She says we shall do this for our son. Heer thanks Mahi. Preeto prays to God to send Soumya to stop this marriage. Heer asks God to help her choose the way. Gurwinder asks Virat to remove his haldi and take bath.

Sant Baksh comes and says how will he take bath just like that, asks will you get married without getting haldi applied without father’s hands. Daljeet says even without brother’s hand? Virat smiles. Sant Baksh and Daljeet apply haldi. Virat thanks Sant Baksh. Harak Singh realizes and tells Preeto that if they have not kept Soumya far from Heer then they would have not seen this day. He says Soumya would have convinced Heer not to marry. Preeto agrees with him. Harak Singh says Soumya must be near us. Soumya says she must be near us, but one must know where is she? She picks her phone.

Saya and Soumya get the house on rent. The broker shows the house and tells that he will get the lights repaired. Preeto calls Saya and tells her that Soumya has returned. Saya says Soumya? Preeto says Soumya has returned and left a letter for Heer. She says they need to meet her. Saya says ok. The broker asks Saya and Soumya to show COVID negative report if any neighbors ask them. Saya says ok. Broker leaves. Saya asks Soumya to stop Heer’s marriage.

Heer talks to Soumya’s pic and hopes to meet her. She tells that she will ask her question, looking in her eyes. Virat comes to meet her. Heer asks him to sanitized his hand first. He sanitizes his hands and asks her to let him do for what he has come. He says he came to apply haldi to her. He asks who is the one person who loves 2 people. Heer thinks she can’t tell Virat that Soumya is against their marriage. He asks what is the matter, tell me? Heer says there is no matter and why shall I tell you about other’s matter. Virat applies haldi to her face. He says I am coming to take you at 8 pm tomorrow. Heer says ok and goes out. Virat admires Heer’s pic. Soumya looks at him from outside the room. Heer senses her presence. Just then she finds her bracelet and thinks it is of Gulabo. She thinks to catch her in night.

Precap: Heer and Virat enquire about Soumya. Preeto informs Virat that Heer is a kinnar in presence of Saya and others. Virat is shocked and angry, throws the sindoor in air.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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