Shah Rukh Khan’s Performance In Shakti Was Labelled As ‘Worst’ & ‘Unbearable’ By Wife Gauri Khan

Gauri Khan Spoke About Shah Rukh Khan’s Worst Performance In Shakti: The Power (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Shah Rukh Khan is the megastar of Bollywood. Often he is seen crediting his strong and illustrious career in the industry to his wife Gauri Khan. When the world runs around Shah Rukh, it’s only Gauri that keeps him grounded. Scroll down to know how she keeps him grounded.

Gauri once appeared on Karan Johar’s chat show Koffee With Karan and revealed that how she has been the critic of SRK’s work. She also said that since no one tells him about his bad work, she is the one who ends up doing it.

As per IBTimes, Gauri Khan said, “I don’t think I am over critical at all. I mean in the sense that if he is bad in a film, I don’t need to praise him even if he’s bad. If he is bad then he has to accept the fact that he’s not good. Just as an audience, if I feel that he has overacted or he is not great, I should tell him no?”


When Karan Johar prodded further about which was the film for which she gave such opinion, Gauri hesitantly said, “No, his past few films have all been good. I have not seen many of his bad films but I don’t remember. Guddu and various films. That English Babu and Desi Mem.”

Karan Johar reminded her about Shah Rukh Khan’s 2002 film Shakti: The Power that also starred Karisma Kapoor. To which Gauri said, “Yes, that was totally unbearable. That was his worst performance.” Karan also mentioned how SRK gets really upset when he hears such forthright feedback from Gauri.

She agreed by saying, “He does, yes. But, he needs to deal with it. See, the main problem with him is that I respect him for his profession that he is a good actor and that he has reached that everybody says ‘he is King Khan’. But, my point is that he knows that. But nobody else is going to tell him all these things and he should know that too. So I should tell him this.”

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