Riansh Os: Ishq ka khel


Author’s pov
They were having their food together when Kabir choked and Ridhhima handed him the glass of water.

R(with concern): Kabir, slowly, take water.

Vihaan eyed her in disbelief and then Kabir who was smiling fakely at her. 

K(drinking it): Thank you, Riddhima, for taking care of me. 

R: Of course, My brother in law, right? or (looking at all of them smiling) they lied to me? 

K: Not at all.

Vihaan left the dining table making Riddhimaconfused, she turned to them apologetically. 

R: Dadi, I am sorry, I will see my angry husband

D(chuckled): Sure, go beta (she disappeared) The memory loss did magic on Riddhima, Her behavior is changed. 

They hated Riddhima more than before but no one voiced it loudly as they will get an earful from dadi.

R: Vansh, why did you go without having food? 

V: Riddhima, stop this drama, why are you acting here? We are alone.

R: what do you mean? 

V(to himself): No doctor forbade me from saying anything to her, If there’s a 1% chance that she lost her memory for real then I won’t ignore it, and hurt her. 

V(covering up): I mean why are you acting here? we are alone, Obviously, you know that I came here so that you follow me and then (holding her waist) I can romance my beautiful wife alone. 

R(encircling her arms around his neck): really Mr.Long forgotten husband, You are bipolar! Now you are in the mood for romance. But Let me tell you a secret (whispered) I like it.

V(surprised): WHAT? Do you like it? 

R: WHat’s the problem? Aren’t we couple And happily  married? They showed me the pics of us. (resting her head on his shoulder) We have amazing pics together. I may not remember anything about my life, but when I see it, I sensed that it was all that I want during my whole life, (smiling widely) Isn’t it perfect?

He distanced himself from her feeling more perplexed, and she held him with a hurt look in her eyes. 

R: What’s the issue? (tears appeared) Did I do something wrong? 

Vi: No, You didn’t, don’t cry. You said we have to eat then I will go and bring it for both of us.

He departed the room and Kabir came inside it, she gave him a wide smile.

K: Riddhima, I have to tell you something important. 

R: what is it, Kabir? 

K: the truth of this marriage, You don’t remember anything, but you are in this state because of your husband.

R(stunned): what? 

K: Yes, You were trying to find clues about his involvement in a girl’s murder, & when he got to know he planned your accident.

R(angrily): How dare you talk about him? He is your brother, Kabir! But still, you are accusing him in his back!

K: shhh, Riddhima, If you don’t believe me, I will bring proofs, Don’t tell him anything he may hurt you; 

She looked behind him only to see Her husband there with a blank expression on his face.

Vi: What are you doing here, Kabir? 

K: I just came to see, Riddhima. After all, she was in the hospital just 2 days before. Now, I will leave, (looking at her as if warning her) Take care of yourself. (he left)

Vi: Riddhima, I 

A call came to her number and she lifts it while Vihaan’s eyes were on here, studying every move she did. 

R: hello? 

Ho: Hello, I am calling you from the hospital, You are Mrs. Rasinghania?

R: Yes? 

Ho: The patient needs an operation as fast as possible, you’ll have to come.

R: Who is she? 

Ho: Miss.Sejal 

R: I don’t know anyone with this name. 

V: What is happening? 

R: I don’t know Vansh, Who is playing with me, They mentioned a girl’s name, Sejal! (curiously) Did I know someone with this name? 

V(shocked): Huh?  She was your best friend. 

R(stunned): My best friend! I can’t recall her name. On second thoughts, I didn’t remember even my name, How would I remember someone else’s name? 

V: You are still talking while your friend is fighting to breathe? 

R: Let’s go to save her. 

V(to himself): Shit! I can’t take her because Sejal is not there, and she wouldn’t have let her friend in danger just for a drama. So it’s confirmed, SHe really doesn’t remember anything. Just because of the accident.

Fb starts

Having no other choice, Riddhima agreed to vihaan’s condition, in exchange for saving her, she will spend the evening with him.

He came into the room and found her frozen thinking deeply about how to get out of that ridiculous situation caused by kabir. 
Rs pov
I wish if only I can kill Kabir, and get rid of the biggest dilemma of my life. He is making it harder for me with the time. Now I I’m stuck with Vihaan, I can’t back off now.
Vi: dollar biwi, don’t overthink and stress your mind,  I fulfilled my part of the deal and now it’s your turn.
R: I will do it, don’t worry.
Vi(smirking): actually I have a surprise for you, wear this dress.
She eyed the white saree he gave her wishing if only she could tear it and throw it in vihaan’s face, but she wants to know the truth about viansh. 
She dressed up in that outfit and met Vihaan who admired the breathtaking beauty in front of him.He came behind her and blindfolded her.

R: Vihaan, what is this? 

Vi: Dollar biwi, You look gorgeous
Her heart skips a beat recalling Vansh’s same line.
FB starts
V: Mrs.Raisinghania, you look gorgeous
FB ends

Vi: Open your mouth (she opened it and he made her eat the cake) This cake reminds you of who? 

She recalled The evening when they prepared the chocolate cake together.

R(whispered): Vansh!

Vihaan opened her hair and let it loose on her shoulders, then whispered.

Vi: You lived this moment before, with whom?

R: Vansh! (tried to free her hands which he was holding,and he freed her)

Looking at her eyes wide open, Vihaan gave her his famous smirk.

R(exclaimed): Vansh ??? 

He brought the red flowers, and asked her to choose one then mixed them, and waited for her to figure out the one she chose.

R(angrily): What is this nonsense? They are the same, Obviously, I can’t tell !!

V(approaching her): I and Vansh are like these flowers. 

R(taken aback): What do you mean? I can’t get it!

V(playing with words): This is Vihaan’s quality, I am always out of others’ understanding, It’s not within their capacity!

R(glaring): Keep this show off to yourself, and for god’s sake tell me what did you mean by you both are like these flowers? 

Vi: I mean, Dollar biwi, Vansh was the shield of this house, He protected them with everything he has, but nobody was there to protect him. He needed to be safe in order to save his family, right? (whispering in her ear) It was my role in that condition! In every dangerous situation, I was there instead of him. And don’t get me wrong, It wasn’t a favor, He paid me huge amounts.

R(stunned): Why didn’t you tell me? (angrily) You hid this important matter, and kept me in the dark, What is your motive, vihaan? Have you thought that after Vansh’s death, you’ll come and take his place? (WIdening her eyes) It was your plan, our meeting. Youuuu! How can you do this with Vansh? 

Vi(taunting): Oh my my, Look who is lecturing me about betrayal? The wife who take advantage of his family’s emotional state and brought a new husband. Tch tch, I don’t feel so good to hear Ethical lesson from you; Now, Leave it, let’s start our beautiful evening. 

R(to herself): Dadi said that Vansh was shot, Then there is no trace of the bullet on his body, If he was Vihaan, He will definitely have one, I have to check it.

R(firmly): Of course, let’s fulfill your wish, but remember that I am doing it because you cornered me, and let no choice for me except accepting your condition. So please, be within your limits.

Vi: Limits? No one can show me my limits, Because settling everything is an old habit of mine.

R(to herself): The same dialogue I heard from Vansh before. I have to check whether he is really Vansh or Vihaan.

R: If you are going to continue these games, then excuse me, I will go back and rest.

Vi: Ufff all this desperation, dollar biwi. (She glared angrily at him and he smirked giving her the wine) Cheers!

R(to herself): Great! it’s the right moment. 

She splashed intentionally the wine on his shirt and then gasped.

R: I am sorry, accidentally I 

Vi: It’s ok. 

R: I will bring a shirt for you.

He looked on and she disappeared for a few moments, then came back with a shirt.

Vi(raising his eyebrow): Seeing you acting as a dutiful wife, giving me some weird vibes, wifey, Iraada kya hai tumhara? 

R(taking the shirt from his hand in rage): You know what? you don’t deserve my help, I felt bad that I poured it on you, But

Vi(taking it again): If you say so, Then I have to believe it.

He gave her his back and she acted as if turning to the other side and then started searching for the bullet mark, And it was there !! He wore it and eyed her as she was still in shock.

Vi(observing her facials): What? 

R(trying to leave): Nothing. 

Vi(caught her hand): The party isn’t over yet.

She shrugged her hand from his in fury, and then with a steady voice.

R(calmly): You failed my plan and forced me to come here, Vihaan, but don’t forget that Riddhima who is in front of you is not your wife, she is still Riddhima Vansh Raisinghania.And you took the knife but see this (showing him the poison bottle), If you have dared to do something more, I would have taken either your life or mine. Now, my part of the deal is finished too.

She left him behind her looking at her retreating figure with emotions. 

The room

She adjusted herself on the bed and cried till sleep took over her, He came and she ignored him totally. 

Vi: Are you crying? 

R: It’s my problem, Vihaan, Goodnight!

The morning

He woke up and didn’t find her there in the room, He walked out to find her but she was nowhere to be seen. 

Vi(to himself): Did she go? No, she won’t !! But where is she? Her eyes, Yesterday were arggggg (scold himself) don’t even think about it.

D(frowned): Vansh, why are you standing there? 

Vi: Dadi, I am trying to find Riddhima, did someone see her? 

I(rolling her eyes): She left early, God knows where!

D(warning): Ishaaani !! 

A man came to VR mansion and stood in the entrance while Vihaan marched to him.

Vi: Yes? 

M: Are you Mr.Raisinghania? 

Vi: Ha, Any problem? 

M: I am Abram Bakchi, A lawyer !

Vi: Sorry, But I still can’t get the point of seeing you here? How may I help you Mr.Bakchi? 

He gave him a phone and he was stunned to see it.

Vi(trying to calm himself): How did you find it? It’s my wife’s phone.

Ab: She was in a car accident, I found her on the road unconscious, and took her to the hospital.

Vi(panicked): Which hospital? 

D: Ha please, Beta; Take us to her. 

They rushed to the hospital and found her head was bandaged while the doctor was examining her. 

Doc: She was injured in the head, but thankfully now she is fine and will wake up soon.

Vi(closing his eyes while sighing): Thank god ! (to himself) wait why am I so scared? Damn! I have to stop it now!

D: thank you, doctor, God bless you, You saved our daughter, and we’ll not forget your favor. 

Doc(smiling): It’s my duty.

Vi: Can we see her now? 

Doc: Sure, but don’t stress the patient. 

He nodded his head while crossing the door of the hospital room, She opened her eyes, and he found himself unwantedly happy. 

Vi(happily): Riddhima, Are you oke? 

She closed her eyes once again and opened them trying to know her whereabouts. 

Vi: Riddhima, are you hearing me? Why are you quiet? does it hurt? (pointing to her head)

R(signaled): No 

Vi: what a relief! Thank god, I will see if you can be discharged soon. 

D: Riddhima beta, are you well? We were anxious. 

R: You? 

D: Ha main aur our family. 

R: Yeh Riddhima Kaun hai? 

D(shocked): what are you talking about? How can you not know who is Riddhima? 

R(confused): Sach main nahi pata, Who is she? 

V(rolling his eyes): Riddhima, don’t! 

R(in tears): Who are you? and why are you calling me Riddhima? My head is already paining? (holding her head and closed her eyes then whispered) My head

He was startled when he saw her falling again unconscious while he supported her before her head hit the floor. They called the doctor once again, and he started checking her; then go out where Vihaan & dadi were waiting.

D: Your mistake could put her life in danger, Mr.Raisinghania, Shocks, and tensions have a negative impact on her, as she is suffering from memory loss. 

Vi(shocked): What??? Impossible!

D: Mr.Raisinghania, I told you what May happen and you can take the freedom to decide the rest. If anything occurs to her, it will be just due to you.

V(to himself): Is she acting this drama? But why? I can’t get it! What if she wasn’t acting? I won’t risk a human being’s life for my plan. This is not my motive, what to do now? I have to find a way to know whether it’s real or a lie.

Fb ends

Riddhima was looking at Vansh doubtfully after her conversation with Kabir, and he sensed her gaze on him. 

V: Do you want something Riddhima? 

R: How did we get married Vansh?

V(to himself): Shit! (to her) why this question? 

R: just curiosity

V: and you know the quote of “the curiosity killed the cat”? 

R(afraid): What do you mean? 

V: Nothing, sweetheart, Just playing with you, Our marriage occurred because we loved each other. 

R(smiled): We did, right? it’s obvious. (hitting her head) I am mad. 

V: Why so? 

R(to herself): because I doubted you (to him) because I questioned about it.

The day passed smoothly without problems, and in the middle of the night, she was thirsty and went to the kitchen, but on the way, she heard voices arguing. 

K: Mom, He is a killer, He killed Ragini and many innocent girls.

An: He is your brother, don’t mention it in front of anyone especially Riddhima, I am warning you, Kabir.

K: But mom, he tried to kill her!

An: I said, enough !!!!!

She cupped her mouth and ran to her room with tears flowing down her cheeks while Kabir and Anupriya smirked at each other.

Fb shows Kabir keeping an eye on her, to start his drama, the moment he saw her coming out he signaled his mom “Action”.

Vr’s room

She was shivering with fear especially when she spotted Vansh looking at her bewilderedly.

V: Something happened? 

R: mm nahii toh, I was just thirsty. 

V: Where’s the jug? 

R: I I I Actually forgot it in the kitchen. I will bring it.(she stopped talking when she sensed his breaths on her face)

V: are you sure? 

R: Ha bilkul.

She brought it but couldn’t sleep as she was watching him as he slept.

The other day

Kabir was getting ready so excited to continue the plan of making Riddhima herself proved that he is an imposter; then he received a call from Mishra

K: Ha Mishra? 

M: Sir, Someone called today,(he paused) Ragini’s father! He said that his daughter came back. 

K(shouted): WHAAATTT??? ARE YOU MAD MISHRA! DID YOU FORGET THAT I SHOT HER AND SHE DIED IN FRONT OF MY EYES. Before telling me something, at least check it. You ruined my mood in the morning itself.

He disconnected the call thinking of how silly his assistant truly was.

On the other hands, Riddhima went out of the house and took the car, Vihaan followed her, she drove the car. She was moving slowly and then, all of sudden she accelerated her pace while a car came in front of him stopping him to keep following her. 

V: daaaamnnn !

The evening

The moment she stepped inside her room, he pressed her against the door trying to read her eyes.

V(harshly): where did you go? 

R(fearful): I couldn’t take staying here anymore (break down) I can’t remember and it’s driving me crazy with the pass of each moment;

His eyes softened a bit when he saw her state wasn’t good, ad she buried her face in her palms sobbing.

V: I didn’t mean to shout, I am sorry. 

He left to his side and she wiped her tears looking forward. 

R(to herself): I swear that I will prove to the world that you are a blo*dy killer! Just wait and watch.

V(to himself): Now, acting as Vihaan in front of her is of no use, damn, I made the perfect plan but in one minute, everything got spoilt. Now, I have to focus on Kabir, Before he can aim the arrow at my back again. 

He was keeping an eye on Kabir, every single move, But he noticed something odd. Kabir was always with his mom. The first days, he didn’t give a damn, because he thought it’s normal as she missed her son, but before every trap which he prepares for him, He sees him with his mom. 

V(to himself): what does it mean? 

The next evening

Anupriya came to their room and knocked on the door, Vansh opened it.

V: mom, All are ok? 

An: Of course, beta, With your presence, everything has to be ok. I understood that Riddhima must be in tension after her memory loss, therefore dadi and I want you to go to our farmhouse. Fresh air can help her too.

D: Ha Vansh, This idea is mine, so you have to obey silently.

V: Ok dadi, we’ll go tomorrow.

D: no, go today, I won’t listen to any objection.

V: as you wish,dadi. 

Anupriya’s room

An: Kabir, I did what you asked, Now, tomorrow will bring the storm to their life. 

K: Ha mom, Both of them will be finished.

The farmhouse

Riddhima and Vansh reached there, and she was so anxious about the fact that they are there alone.

V: You can go to your room, I have to find something in the car. 

R: Ok, fine, Vansh, (giving him a packet) don’t forget to wear it.

V(looking at it): Sure. 

She rested her head trying to calm down when she heard a bullet’s sound in the farmhouse, trembling she came down and saw a gun, she held it and saw Vansh on the floor.

She checked his pulse and then screamed with pain.

R: someone shot him !!! (throwing the gun) noooooo (looking around) who is it? Who did it? Vansh wake up! 

Voice: why are you so eager? He won’t wake up, I shot him in the heart but unfortunately, you’ll be the one who is blamed for his death, Riddhima. 

R(with tears): Kabir??? How could you???? Matlab you were lying that day! But I heard mom saying the same. 

Voi2: Of course I will say the same, to get rid of him. 

R: Mom? Do you want to kill Vansh too? 

An: Not just him, all of them, That family is disgusting me with their kindness and love drama. I craved to kill them, but you came in between many times, Even poor Sia couldn’t celebrate gaining her ability to walk. Now, I am telling you because you are going to be the new Mohra, instead of Vansh & Ragini’s story, it will be Riddhima instead of Vansh, And Vansh instead of Ragini. Run Riddhima. 

She was startled when Kabir aimed his gun toward her and then smirked. 

R(blank): Encounter ha? The same old trick? How about this? (taking a gun too) Surrender Kabir!

K: What the hell? How can you have a gun?

R: If a CBI agent doesn’t have a gun, then who will have it, Inspector Kabir veer Sharma? 

K: Agent?

R: Yes, Agent Riddhima Varma, The daughter of Janvi Varma whom you killed, Do you remember me? 

k(thunderstruck): The physiotherapist? 

R(with hatred): Ha mom, You killed her, you blo*dy bastard, because she got to know about your mom. My mom called me before to inform me, but I reached late and found her dead. And do you remember what you did to me? 

Fb starts

He attacked her from behind and she lost her consciousness and put her in the car, due to which she had an accident which leads to urgent plastic surgery. When she woke up, she was told that she is an orphan and since then she lived in the orphanage.

Fb ends

K: You mean the amnesia was an act? 

R: Yes, It was not just for you (pointing behind him ) for him too.

He looked behind and got shocked to see Vansh standing with a disgusted look in his eyes for his mom and kabir.

V(to his mother): This is your reality??? You were the mysterious enemy? 

An: Yes, I am, I hated Vansh to the core, and you, Imposter, we know the truth that you are vihaan.

R(laughing): How foolish! He is not any Vihaan, neither he exists. He is Vansh Raisinghania who came to punish his enemy (with a tear) right? Now enough of this act. 

The police handcuffed them and took them as Riddhima recorded the whole confession of Kabir when he was talking with Mishra. 

Fb starts

Riddhima visited Ragini’s father and sought his help to give his daughter justice.

Kabir was getting ready so excited to continue the plan of making Riddhima herself proved that he is an imposter; then he received a call from Mishra

K: Ha Mishra?

M: Sir, Someone called today,(he paused) Ragini’s father! He said that his daughter came back.

K(shouted): WHAAATTT??? ARE YOU MAD MISHRA! DID YOU FORGET THAT I SHOT HER AND SHE DIED IN FRONT OF MY EYES. Before telling me something, at least check it. You ruined my mood in the morning itself.

R(smiled): A part of the plan is over.

Fb ends

Vansh was still not able to believe that he wronged Riddhima, and betrayed her while thinking that she betrayed him and attacked his sister.

V: since when you have known that I am VAnsh?

R: You have the right to know, Actually, you made a fool of me pretty well, I was so puzzled about what real and what not. I saw the bullet mark on your back which meant that you are Vihaan, but then another question was rolling in my head. And to find out I went out rapidly that day, I had an accident which brought back my memory. Well, Firstly Vansh RAisinghania, My husband would have never put someone’s life in danger for him, never ever would I have believed it. Secondly, Following your theory, Vihaan was protecting Vansh, so obviously Vansh will have sent Vihaan that day, and he throws himself down the cliff. So whether Vihaan exists or not, I was 100% sure that you are Vansh, after the accident, I investigated and knew that you have removed the bullet mark. & what I saw that day on your back was fake, you made it. There’s no Vihaan. And To confirm my doubt, I made a DNA test which proved that you are my husband.

V: You knew about their plan? that’s why you gave me the vest? 

Riddhima smiled recalling what she gave him, A Bulletproof vest with a letter.

R: You are right, I have known because I was spying on them. I heard Kabir explaining the plan to his mom, and you wouldn’t have believed it if I warned you, But I am glad you wore it.

Fb starts

V(to himself): Is she mad? Why did she give me this vest? A letter? 

“Please, Vansh, don’t make a stupid step, They are after your life, Kabir wants to kill you, wear it and play along, and you’ll witness everything with your eyes, Just for once, give me a chance to show you the truth, please”

V: does it mean she was indeed acting about her amnesia? Then why she is telling me now? 

He thought for a long time, then remembered that she was ready to take the poison in order not to be with another man and he lost the battle to his heart.

Fb ends

R: Our mothers are resting in peace now, Vansh, My poor mother was killed without any reason by their hands. 

V: But who changed your face? And told you that you are an orphan? 

R: I thought he was a director of the orphanage, but he was actually one of the agency, They followed the witness protection program. I was not only an agent but also a witness. I met him that day. no one knew that Kabir was behind my accident furthermore that They couldn’t reach me after the cruise party due to a certain person.

V(in shock): I think I need time to digest the numerous shocks you gave me today.

R(sadly): I am sorry for causing troubles in your life, Vansh. And sorry for Sia’s state, God knows how I blame myself for it. Our missions are successful. Now, I will support your decision;

He just nodded his head and they started the car back to the mansion. The truth was unfolded in front of everyone, and they felt bad for accusing Riddhima & bullying her while Riansh were ignoring each other. Especially Vansh, and Riddhima took it as a rejection from his side.

A night

His family was calling him for more than an hour, and he didn’t see it, He was deeply thinking of how to make her forgive him.

V(holding her pic): If only I can tell you how truly sorry I am Riddhima, for betraying you,  I was indifferent to my family’s errors and chased yours, which was only your innocence. God! How idiot I was! Every day, I decide to apologize but my courage flees away. (chuckling) Can you believe it? Vansh Raisinghania can’t even ask you to forgive him, & confess his love toward you.

He realized he was out of the house for a long time, and took his phone. 

V(shocked): 20 missed calls from dadi !!

V(calling her): Hello dadi, whattttttttt???

After 2 weeks 

Riddhima was investigating a case when pieces of information reached her about a crime in an address, She hurried to the place looking for it. and she sensed someone’s shadow, Facing him, he was a masked man.

R: surrender

He didn’t respond and she tried to arrest him but he kicked her gun. Therefore she wanted to knock him down to handcuff him but he ran and she ran after him till she reached a room not noticing the surroundings, she yelled at him. 

R: surrender now!


R(in jolt): Vansh?

He removed the black mask making her realize that it was fake information to bring her there, She tried to go but he caught her back hugging her.

V: Please, don’t go, Give me a chance to speak, you left without telling me. 

R(tears): This is what you wanted.

V(turning her and cupping her face): No, I was feeling so guilty to face you, as I wasn’t a good husband to you. I am sorry, I am terribly heartbroken due to my mistake. 

R(crying more while pushing him non-stop): Why didn’t you tell me? (he tried to catch her but she again pushed him) why was it hard? You left me alone with my insecurities about our relationship. 

V: You shouldn’t have left your house without snapping at me, hit me, and question me.

Fb starts

Riddhima packed her clothes ad left the house leaving a letter for him, his family tried to contact him but he was lost in his own world and by the time, he reached she was gone.

“Vansh, Maybe the beginning of our marriage was an attempt to searching the clarity, but Since my heart started beating for you, I was no more interested in anything else than proving your innocence. Sia & Ragini’s condition was because of me, And the burden of this mistake will never let my side thanks to the fact that I am an agent, it’s my duty to protect people. You made me fell for you, however, everything between us is ruined. I understand that you don’t want me anymore in your life, I promise you to always respect your decision”

Fb ends

V(snapped): till when the misunderstanding will separate us? Ha? Tell me! 

R: Vansh!

V: what Vansh? Answer me! won’t you stop mistrusting me? Do you know how was hard to spend the two damn weeks without you? I looked for you, but couldn’t get any traces of you. 

R(smiled): So you decided to make me hunt you.

V(glaring): I am not joking! 

R: I liked the plan, why didn’t you become an agent? 

V: I am still angry.

R(mumbling): Look at him, He was apologizing just a few seconds back and now he is the one who needs to be pacified.

V: I’ve heard that. 

R: good for you.

V: Vaise, it’s good for me, but (naughtily) The fact that “we are here alone” is not so good for you.

She shifted her gaze to the whole room which was decorated beautifully with her favorite color red.but what caught her eyes was a sentence with red flowers.

V(whispered): “I love you, sweetheart, Please forgive me” 

She cried again and throw herself in his embrace clinging to him , he removed her tears and cleaned her face, she smiled.

R: I love you too beyond your imagination. 

He leaned to her lips to claim them celebration a new phase of their Ishq’s story.


I hope you like it, , guys, I tried to make it as good as I could. Sorry if I missed something, love you !!Ane I apologize for the errors.

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