RadhaKrishn 24th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Balram Is In Trouble?


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Shakuni tells Duryodhan that Krishna cannot be defeated by anything, they have use his weak point or emotions. Duryodhan asks whom? Balram asks Krishna if they will accompany Arjun in his tough journey. Krishna asks why is he asking this. Balram says if their work is done here, they should return to Dwarka as he is missing his family and people. Krishna says he should enjoy Hastinapur’s lavish hospitality. Balram asks if he is hiding something and if something really bad will happen. Krishna tries to change topic, but Balram insists. Krishna asks him to wait and watch.

Pandavs get ready to leave Hastinapur and seek Dhritarastra’s permission. Dhritarastra asks why are they in a hurry, they can stay in Hastinapur for a while. Yudistra says they have to leave even after a few days, so it is better if they leave now. Duryodhan says he will visit his cousins whenever there is a good news in their family, he will visit them. Krishna says Duryodhan is so generous and still cares for his cousins. Shakuni warns Duryodhan to control his emotions, else wicked Krishna will play game again. Duryodhan says he is very much worried about his brothers. Bheem warns him to stop his drama and fake concern. Duryodhan says his Pandavs can leave, but Kunti is rajmata and should stay here instead of facing hardships with her sons. Kunti says she will accompany her sons wherever they go and is not bothered about hardships as they all already spent years in jungle in exile.

Arjun asks where is Bhisma Pitamaha. Krishna says Pitamaha is the commander of army and hence cannot show his tears to the soldiers, so he must be crying somewhere. Arjun walks to Pitamaha, who wipes his tears and turns towards him. Arjun greets him and says he is leaving for Khandavprastha. Pitamaha says he is pride and power of Pandavs, so he should be always with them, but cannot consider Pitamaha as his relative and should consider as enemy as he is going to form other dynasty, etc. Arjun gets emotional hearing that. Arjun then returns to courtyard and joins his family. Dhritarastra wishes them good luck. Shakuni signals Duryodhan to execute his plan. Duryodhan insists Balram to stay with him and teach him malla yuddha/wrestling. Balram disagrees, but gives up on reminding his promise. Shakuni says Krishna will accompany Pandavs to Khandavprastha. Krishna says Shakuni mama understanding him so well, he will accompany his cousins and help them in their hardships. He greets Balram and walks away with Pandavs saying they will meet soon. Shakuni thinks he will make Balram go against his brother and make him Krishna’s ardent enemy.

Pandavs walk towards their chariot when Hastinapur praja insist them to stay back or take them along to Khandavprastha. Arjun asks Yudistra if they can walk with Praja till border to spend some time with them. Yudistra agrees. Krishna praises Arjun’s thinking. They all walk with citizens till border and request them to return back. Citizens insist to make them Khandavprastha’s citizens. Arjun requests them to return back and they all walk away. Pandavs reach Khandavprastha and fume seeing baron and cursed land with water, food, or inhabitation. Krishna says if they try they will find water and food here. Yudistra asks Arjun to find water and bring it and different tasks to other brothers. Draupadi says she will help Arjun and walks with him. Kunti thinks why only Arjun and not other Pandavs. Arjun chatting with Draupadi walks into monster Takshak’s cave.

Precap: Krishna tells Radha that there are challenges here in each step, not only him, his charioteer will also have to face hardships. Arjun walks into monster Takshak’s cave.

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