RadhaKrishn 20th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Radha’s Horrifying Dream


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Balram denies to fight on Sam and his aide Yaduvanshi leader Somdev’s insistence. Krishna feels proud of Balram. Radha while plucking flowers with Rukmini informs her that all Rishi munis and gods are visiting Dwarka soon. They see Gopis’ dancing and walk to them. Gopis say they are practicing dance on celebration and Krishna is teaching them dance. Radha and Rukmini get jealous hearing that. Balram tells Sam that Bhaldev has kidnapped Sri Krishna’s grandson and Anirudh, Anirudh will find some way out, so they need not hurry to wage a war against Bhaldev. Somdev says Anirudh has to suffer because of his decision. Balram says he need not worry about it as Bhaldev would have killed Anirudh instantly and wouldn’t have sent Sam here, so they will not discuss about it anymore. Sam fumes that Balram spoilt his plan again.

Radha and Rukmini see whole Dwarka being decorated and people greeting them. Radha says let us take some other route. Krishna walks to them and asks where are they going. Radha complains that he came to them when they ignored him. He ifts them flowers. Rukmini says she is worried for Anirudh. He says Anirudh had to face a problem if not today, then some other day, they will also celebrate Anirudh’s return along with festival. Bhaldev ties Anirudh in chains and threatens that Krishna did wrong by supporting on yaduvanshi group. Anirudh warns that he did a big mistake by capturing a messenger, Krishna will not spare him. Bhaldev says Krishna waged a war between yaduvanshi groups with his partiality.

Krishna asks potter to prepare uneven pots. Radha notices that and asks if he is planning celebration for Gopis. Krishna thinks he is celebrating a biggest Gopi Radha’s birthday and it will be lavish event. Radha leaves confused. Krishna checks uneven pot and thinks he and Radha prepared similar pot during their first meeting. On the other side, Sam sharpens his sword and tells Somdev its time to kill at Yaduvanshis.

Gopis felicitate gods with flower garland and inform them that Krishna invited them for Radha’s birthday celebration. Radha tells Rukmini that she is sure gods will not attend celebration without her presence. Gopis dance around Mahadev and Devi Gauri and requests them to garland each other. They agree. Gopis says Mahadev knows everything and is invited by Krishna to celebrate Radha’s birthday. Mahadev agrees, but Devi Gauri denies. Devi Gauri expresses her displeasure as she wanted Radha to felicitate her instead of Gopis and says she will get angry on Krishna if he troubles her friend Radha again. Mahadev says he will not attend celebration if she is not happy. Devi Gauri says they will attend function.

Radha dreams of Sam making Yaduvanshis fight among themselves and revealing that he will he will end both Krishna and yaduvanshi clan. An archer shoots Krishna’s foot and kills him. She wakes up worried. Rukmini rushes to her and consoling her takes her for a walk to make her feel better. They see Gopis there and asks about celebration. Gopis asks what will she do knowing about it when its canceled, remembering Devi Gauri denying to attend function. Krishna thinks this function is for Radha and he will not celebrate it if she doesn’t want to.

Precap: Radha gets happy seeing Krishna organizing her birthday. Krishna dances with her and expresses his immense love for her.

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