RadhaKrishn 14th July 2020 Written Episode Update: Suryadev Makes A Revelation


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All 5 gods try to find out their sons via their divine powers, but in vain. Balram asks Krishna if he wouldn’t help gods find their sons. Krishna says before the stipulated time, it is inappropriate to share the desired knowledge. Gods are amazed to see their knowledge not working. Krishna says without a light, they cannot search anything and reveals that Kunti has one more son Karna via Suryadev and invites Suryadev. Suryadev emerges. Gods say they forgot that they cannot find anything without light and didn’t know that Kunti has one more son via Suryadev. They request Suryadev to search Pandavs. Suryadev via his light shows Pandavs disguised as sadhus begging. Balram feeling sad seeing their condition asks Krishna if they can’t help their dear ones. Devtas say how can such great warriors be in such a bad situation. Krishna looking at Suryadev asks who is responsible for this. Suryadev apologizes for his mistake and asks how to correct it. Krishna says that is why he called them all here; the reason for his new avatar is dharm sthapana/establishment of religion; right now Kauravs are on the path of adharm and Padhavs are on the path of dharma, they both are moving together and there will be maha yudddha/war and one who will lead win and lead the dharma will be Krishna’s saarthi/charioteer. Suryadev says his son Karn will be saarthi. Krishna says it will be judged on the qualities of a person, whoever will be of highest qualities will be his saarthi.

Karn is introduced. He is busy performing surya namaskar wen an old man requests for his help. Karn says its his duty to help whoever seeks help from him and asks what he needs. Old man says he had taken loan from a wealthy man and repaid it on time, but wealthy man is eyeing on his four young daughters, lied that he didn’t receive his amount and wants four daughters as his slaves. Karn asks where is his house. Man describes his home address. Four girls are seen pleading wealthy man to spare them and wealthy shouts he will make them as his slaves. Karn shoots arrows and punishing wealthy man and his aides assures old man that his daughters are safe now. Suryadev says again that only his son Karn can be Krishna’s saarthi. Krishna says he wants to give equal opportunities to even Pandavs. Dharmaraj says his son Yudistra who follows dharma ardently is the most eligible contender.

Yudistra is introduced reading holy scriptures. Nakul enters. Yudistra without seeing him invites him. Nakul asks how did he identify him without seeing. Yudistra says he can experience by his foot pressure on earth and asks reason for coming. Nakul says he is in dilemma and says a criminal is on death bed and he wants to treat the criminal. Yudistra says as a vaidya/doctor, it is his duty to save the person and let the kind decide criminal’s punishment. Dharmadev says Yudistra is a scholar, so he should be Krishna’s saarthi.

Ashwin Kumar says his son is both knowledgeable and kind hearted. Nakul saves dying man. Ashwin Kumar says Nakul is an expert warrior and is the best contender. Another god says Sahdev is the best contender. Sahdev is seen practicing astrology and looks serious. Nakul asks Sahdev why he looks so serious. Sahdev says graha/planets are changing their direction and something big will happen. Krishna asks Vayudev if he has to say something.

Vayudev says his son Bheem is the biggest contender. Bheem is shown lifting a huge mountain and shifting it aside. Vayudev continues that Bheem is the best wrestler in the world. Balram says he is still here. Krishna says Balram cannot defeat Bheem. Balram says he is the biggest warrior and can defeat Bheem. Krishna says he will get a chance soon.

Krishna then asks Indradev why his son Arjun is a biggest contender. Indradev says Arjun is both powerful and biggest archer in the world. Arjun is shown running and pulling a falling bridge and saving people. Indradev says Arjun can sacrifice his life for anyone. People praise Arjun that he looks like a khsatriya. Arjun says he is khsatriya by deed and brahmin by dharma. People thank him for saving their lives and say now this bridge will be built soon and try to cut trees. Arjun stops them. People get angry for stopping them. Arjun says instead of cutting trees and making birds homeless, he can build a bridge with arrows instead. A man laughs and asks if he can really do that. Arjun shoots an arrow first to alert fishes to move aside and builds arrow bridge. Indradev says Arjun saved birds and animal and has all the good qualities, so he should be Krishna’s saarthi.

Precap: Krishna travels to Panchal with Balram to attend Draupadi’s swayamwar, which Pandavs attend and Arjun shoots arrow at a target.

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