Qurbaan Hua 19th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Ghazala and Aalekh plan to scare Vyas je believing he is Agam


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Aalekh asks Ghazala to do all she can, so Neel comes out of the room, she starts fighting with Godambari signalling him to enter the room, he thinks it is Agam so tries to make him drink but he doesnot and instead hits him in the head calling him a criminal.
Some time earlier, Chahat is giving him injections, Godambari says that his condition is because of her so she must leave, Aalekh enters saying they all should leave as he would stay with Vyas je and give him the medicines as he knows them, Chahat insists on staying saying she also knows the medicine, Neel asks Chahat to come with her because Vyas je might not feel right and the only thing which matters is his health, Neel is sitting beside Vyas je who holds his hand when he tries to leave, Chahat makes Neel realize that this is what Vyas je desires and so they should not leave however Aalekh says he assured them he would take care of Vyas je, Neel however says that the only reason he wanted to leave was Vyas je might not feel better while Chahat is with him however he would not leave if this is what Vyas je desires so they should all leave, Chahat assures them they will take care of Vyas je, Godambari leaves after warning her, Neel exclaims that illness causes some strange things as the love which he longed for so long was shown by Vyas je, Chahat reveals there is a reason behind this love, she can no longer hide it so would reveal the truth to Neel. Chahat is about to say it, Shlok and Dua come arguing and complaining about each other they both ask them to remain silent then leave, Dua mentions Shlok wants her to play the trust game with him which she doesnot as he might cause her to fall, Neel mentions they have to trust their family members without hesitation, he puts the ribbon on his eyes and starts walking, Dua and Shlok both are able to guide however he is about to hit the last chair when Chahat helps Neel so he reaches the end safety, Dua mentions he was about to fall because of Shlok, Neel responds even then he finished without hurting and this is the reason of being a family as they can overcome every problem with each other’s help, Dua is jealous seeing the love which Shlok is receiving.

Dua leaves in anger saying they always take the side of Shlok, Chahat advises Neel to stay with Vyas je while she would talk with Dua, Neel walks upstairs to Vyas jee’s room.

Aalekh coming to Ghazala seeks her help mentioning that she must find a way to make sure Neel comes out of Vyas jee’s room because if he reveal the truth they all would be caught, Ghazala questions why is he seeking her help when he brought Agam into this house, Aalekh threatens her saying that if they are caught she would be the first one to be thrown out of the house, Ghazala in a sense of nervousness rushes to find a way.

Godambari is eating fruits when Ghazala comes questioning if she was the one to mix the oil in her scent, Godambari exclaims she did not do anything but praises the one who did it mentioning that the oil smells better then her scent, Ghazala however responds that if her husband smelled the oil, he would have once again left her, Ghazala in anger throws the oil on her, Godambari gets furious but Ghazala doesnot pay heed to her, she then throws yogurt on her, Ghazala threatens to kill Godambari picking up a knife, Alka is not able to separate them so calls Neel who comes downstairs, he is shocked to see them so questions what are they doing, he tries to separate them when Ghazala signals Aalekh who secretly walks upstairs.

Ghazala warns Neel to not try and save Godambari, he questions if they both have gotten mad.

Aalekh reaches the room so walking to Vyas je asks him to wake up, he forcefully wakes him up saying that he started taking balls of Bhang when he was not getting alcohol, Aalekh making him sit mentions he desired having alcohol and would have exposed them all, he therefor explains he has brought English alcohol for him.

Neel is trying to separate Godambari and Ghazal but is not able to so Chahat comes questioning Neel who is with Vyas je when he is downstairs, she sends him upstairs but while he is walking Ghazala throws yogurt on him, they both get shocked.

Aalekh mentions he desired drinking Alcohol so should now drink but Vyas je constantly pushes himself away from Aalekh.
Ghazala exclaims it is because of Godambari, Neel scolds them both and thinks he would have to change his clothes as he has to eb with Vyas jee.

Aalekh is walking towards Mant Vyas je but he is constantly moving backwords, Aalekh says that he would now drink the alcohol till the time he asks him to stop.

Godambari and Ghazala both are blaming each other, Ghazala apologizes and leaves, Godambari questions why Ghazala left so easily,
Aalekh is trying to make Vyas je drink the alcohol when he in anger hits him in the head with the bottle, Aalekh is not able to believe himself, Chahat walks upstairs, he immediately hides, Neel and Chahat both reach the room with the entire family, Vyas je is scared when Chahat searches the room, she and Neel make Vyas je lie down on the bed and they both try to wake him up, Nele asks how did the bottle come into this room, Godambari blames Chahat saying she might have brought it, Neel takes Chahat away without listening to anything she tries to say, Aalekh thinks that Godambari has made his work a lot easier.

Neel pushes Chahat into the room, she requests him to at least listen to what she has to say however he hugging her mentions that she doesnot have to explain anything, he believes everything which she has said.

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