Professional wrestler Sasha Banks returns to WWE!




The professional wrestler Sasha Banks shocked the world last week on WWE RAW when she returned to WWE all of a sudden after an absence of 4 months. Similarly, she lost her WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships at WrestleMania alongside Bayley and then disappeared off television for a long time.

There are rumors that she will be joining WWE’s competition or simply leaving the company where there us very little hope of her returning. There were reports that she is returning and she did return on the Monday Night RAW after WWE SummerSlam.

Likewise, it is now reported that she will be appearing on tonight’s WWE RAW, where she would be a special guest on Jerry “The King’ Lawler’s ‘King’s Court”. She will be addressing the RAW crowd as a special guest on Jerry “The King’ Lawler’s ‘King’s Court” this week.