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Scene 1
Sajjan is walking on the porch and his walking stick falls down. He asks Kriti and Garv to help him but they leave from there. Kesar ignores him and leaves too. Pratigya goes and picks it up for him. Sajjan says your kids have such bag attitude. Pratigya says they see hatred all the time in this house so they have it too.

The doctor gives medicines to Meera. Sumitra takes it for her.

Pratigya is helping Kesar in the kitchen. Komal says you never cooked in the kitchen so why now Pratigya? Kesar says I know why you are taunting her. Pratigya says to leave it, there is no outcome of this argument. Sumitra brings Meera home and asks Kesar to bring water for her. Kesar brings the glass but gives it to Sumitra. Meera tries taking her medicine but it falls down. She winces in pain and tries to pick it up. Pratigya picks it up for her and thinks this is not a pregnancy medicine. She stops Meera and says this is not good medicine for you. Krishna comes there too. Meera says you are so shameless, you want to kill my baby that’s why you are stopping me from taking the medicine? Sumitra says nobody took her to the doctor and now not letting her take the medicine. Krishna asks Pratigya to leave it, let them be. Pratigya says this medicine will harm the baby, she throws the medicine away. Sumitra shouts what are you doing? Sajjan says you have no shame at all. Pratigya says I am telling the truth, it

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