Pandya Store 20th February 2021 Written Episode Update: Umesh locks up Dhara and kids


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The Episode starts with the Shiva opening the lock. He says the door has opened. The kids start worrying seeing the light. Dhara comes to them and scolds them. Gautam calls Kaki to come home and look after Suman. Dhara helps Krish. She scolds them and hides with them. They see some men passing by. Dev says you told us that lawyer has the shop’s original papers. Dhara says it will be a big problem if anyone sees us. Suman wakes up and wants water. She calls out Gautam. She says Dhara would have given sleeping pill to Gautam and kids. Kanta comes and asks why are you shouting, what do you want. Suman says I want water, I want to go out. Kanta says fine, come. Shiva and kids look for the file. Dhara asks them not to find anything and just come.

She gets hurt. Krish says sorry. They play and find the file. Dhara worries. Umesh gets a call. The man says someone has entered your office, the lock is broken and some sound is coming. Umesh asks what, thanks a lot. He leaves. Dhara thinks why don’t they understand, we can land in a big problem. She asks the kids to come for Gautam’s sake. The kids stop. Dev says we got our file, see. Dhara says yes. She checks and asks them to leave. They leave. Suman doesn’t see anyone. She says Dhara has run away, did she take my children, we will find them. Kanta asks what are you saying. Suman says she is bad like her mum. She gets angry and shouts. The neighbors come. Suman says Dhara has taken my kids, Kanta push me in this well if they don’t come.

Kanta asks her to calm down. Suman says we should try to find out, I m breaking down, call that baba. Kanta asks her to calm down, she will call baba. Umesh sees Dhara and kids with the file. Shiva hides the file. Umesh scolds Dhara for stealing in his office by using the kids. He says I will call the police. He locks them. Dhara asks him to open the door. Kanta calls baba home. Suman says they aren’t at home. Baba says I can tell them how far did the things go. Suman says not things, my sons and Dhara. Baba says I m talking to you, girl. Suman smiles and says I m not a girl, fine, tell me. He says Dhara did magic on your sons and took them 100 km away, get Dhara’s valuable thing and then I will make her helpless.

Suman asks Kanta to get phone and call Hardik, he is very dear to Dhara. Kanta calls Hardik and says its a bad news, Suman is not fine, there is no one at home. He asks where did everyone go. He calls Gautam and Dhara. Krish says police will come now. Hardik comes home and sees Suman fine. He says thank God, you are fine. Suman asks him to sit, Dhara loves him a lot, he is dear to her. They sit up Hardik. Baba starts rituals. Kanta says Hardik has asthma, he is feeling unwell by the smoke. Suman says I told them to call police. A man calls police. Baba worries and asks for money. Suman says let police come. Baba runs. Hardik asks Kanta to free him. Kanta frees him. He calls to find out about Gautam. Gautam comes to office. Umesh says you are the gang leader, see what I do with your wife and kids. Gautam fights him. Dhara looks on.

Inspector slaps Umesh. Gautam says Umesh kidnapped my wife and kids. Inspector checks and finds Dhara and kids tied up. Umesh is shocked.

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