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The Episode starts with Gautam asking Jagat not to meet Suman. He leaves. Jagat prays for some way, children shouldn’t get punished because of elders’ deeds. Raavi helps Dhara. She says I will handle the burden and help you. Dhara says you didn’t become my Devrani yet, you know how is Shiva. Raavi says its not fair, I don’t want him to get angry, I was a kid when that happened 10 years back, Shiva shouldn’t get angry, I m really cute, innocent and hardworking, I can handle the shop also, I studied, tell me will you get a better Devrani than me. Gautam talks to Suman on call. Shiva asks why are you worried. Gautam says no. Shiva says you can tell me the problem. Gautam says I can’t tell you. Shiva says if its about Raavi, the I m telling you.

Gautam says your world revolves around Raavi, go and make the payment. Raavi says I love Dev a lot. Dhara says I don’t know what’s in Dev’s heart. Raavi says he cares for me, he is just shy, help me, everyone listens to you, I promise to help you in work, Prafulla has big ego, she will not unite Dev and me, please help me and Dev. Krish is with his friends. He smokes. Raavi says I will give my first baby to you, you can make him like Dev. Krish says Gautam refused to get me a bike, just Dhara can help me now. Dhara gets shocked seeing him smoke. Raavi says let it be, his friends are also smoking. Dhara says Krish can’t smoke, I didn’t teach this to you. She cries and leaves. Raavi smiles and takes Krish’s video. Jagat says Suman has gone to Kashi for her tirat. Prafulla curses Suman. Jagat says I spoke to Gautam, he said it will be Suman’s decision about Raavi, Gautam refused, it was our mistake.

Raavi says you look a cool dude, smoking is harmful, its more harmful when family knows it. Krish asks will you tell them, who will believe you. She shows the video. He asks her to delete it. She says I will send it to Gautam, call me Bhabhi and promise you will take my side. He says its blackmailing, okay Bhabhi. She smiles. He says delete it. She says I will delete it after marriage, carry on, live your life. She comes home happily. Anita asks did you convince Gautam or Dhara. Raavi says Krish, he called me Bhabhi. Prafulla asks her to control her mind. Anita asks how did Krish call you bhabhi. Raavi says its our secret.

Dhara cries. Dhara gets Gautam’s call. She makes excuses. He says I have to talk to you. She says there is much work, I will talk later. Shiva comes and asks what happened, why are you crying. She says nothing. He asks did Gautam tell anything, or mum say anything on call. She says nothing. He says tell me, I will not leave him. Krish comes and asks what happened. He gets water for her. He asks shall I call Gautam. Dhara scolds Krish. She says you have hurt him and asking why am I crying. Shiva asks what did Krish do. Dhara says ask him what he did. Krish says don’t believe Raavi. Dhara says you didn’t see me there. She says Krish has hurt my heart, he was smoking with his friends. She gets a bat to beat Krish and throws it in anger. Raavi says Dhara will convince everyone for my alliance. She asks them not to keep any ego. Prafulla asks Anita not to tell anything to Raavi, she won’t listen. Raavi says Jagat will get back his sister and nephews back, Shivaank isn’t here, if anything happens to Prafulla and Jagat, Dev will come to help you. Prafulla says its like hitting head on stone to explain you anything. Raavi says right. Anita and Prafulla leave. Raavi asks Jagat to have food.

Shiva says you know Dhara passes in that lane, why did you smoke there. Dhara asks Shiva what is he saying, can he smoke anywhere else, Suman will get sad and scold me for bad upbringing, Krish is smoking now and will drink alcohol also. Krish says I don’t smoke, friends insisted me. Dhara says you are lying, I have seen you, get the cigarettes out. Krish says I have no cigarettes. She asks him to give it. Krish gets angry and shouts. He says you are questioning so much, unlike Gautam and Suman, you are Bhabhi, not my mum. Dhara cries. Shiva slaps Krish.

Gautam and Dhara have a moment. He says Jagat spoke about Dev and Raavi, I refused. Dhara says it won’t be right to break their heart because of Jagat and Prafulla’s mistake.

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