Naagin 4, 18th January 2019 Written Episode Updates Watch Online


Naagin 4, 18th January 2019 Written Episode Updates Watch Online: As you, all know that Naagin 4 is going so amazing and every weekend show comes with many Suspense and amazed you all. In the recent episode of Naagin: Bhagya Ka Zehreela Khel you all have seen that Harsh and Parsh throwing a party for Dev and the get permission from Vaishali but she said to them that you all have to do it very secretly because Maanas is in Hospital and if Khyati know about this she will create a Drama then everyone gives surety to her and plan the Party.

Harsh Parsh said to Rajat that there is any hotel or Bar there you want t go then Rajat said yeah there are so many places then Harsh said we will throwing a party and if you’ll come with Brinda then you will enjoy the party.

The Dev’s cousin trying to take revenge from Brinda because she slapped her Brother but Naintara gets to know everything about their plan and she will also join them to getting married to Dev. You all know that after eating the cake Brinda get Unconscious and all the boys take her in the Washroom but Naintara said to Dev that there is something wrong because Brinda is not here? And Dev goes to find her.

So, tonight you all will see an amazing episode of Naagin 4 where Naintara plans a trap for Dev and Brinda and when Brinda gets unconscious. So, you all will see that Naintara Calls media in the Bar and they will shoot Brinda and Dev in an abnormal position or said many bad things about them.

In Tonight’s episode of Naagin 4, you all will see that Naintara goes into Prakash’s House where she will do drama with Vaishali and said Brinda seeks Dev from us. Then Vaishali gets so angry at Brinda and said she will not right for us and I’ll treat her good lesson. The episode is going so amazing and you all will see that Brinda and Dev get into Naintara’s trap. So get ready to see an amazing episode or till then stay tuned with us.