My special boy’s birthday. #Riansh OS


Hello guys. Here is a new os of mine. I hope you like it. It is a very special one to me and this is because of two reasons I will say it at the end. It is also for a two special persons here which you will know both of them inside the os. Do tell me your opinion on the comments.

So let’s start: 

Riddhima’s POV starts:

Today is a very special day for me.

19th June is a very precious day to me.

Because it is the day that my special boy has got born on it.

My husband and my everything Vansh his birthday is today.

I’m so excited to surprise him.

I’m so happy that we will enjoy this celebration together.

It is the first birthday to him while we are being together and getting married and I have to make it so special to him.

He has to not forget it at all.

But I need a help.

I can’t do this alone.

Who could help you Riddhima?!

Yes, I got it.

My two lovely and great best friends who will help me in this surprise.

I know they will do that because they are my supporters.

I have to call my lovely Manha dhi and cutie Kavya.

I know that they will help me so much.

I need to call them now.

Riddhima’s POV ends.

Riddhima has called Manha and Kavya video call.

Riddhima( on the video call): Hello my lovely girls.

Manha( on the video call): Hello my sparkle, how are you my stubborn?

Kavya( on the video call): Hello my cupcake, how are you my blushing girl? Does jiju still make you blush a lot?!

Kavya and Manha start smiling and teasing Riddhima.

Riddhima( on the video call): Stop it girls. There is no time for your both teasing. I need your both help as I can’t rely on anyone other than you both on that.

Manha and Kavya at the same time( on the video call): Yes sure say.

Riddhima starts telling Manha and Kavya her plan and about Vansh’s birthday surprise.

They got very excited.

Manha( on the video call): Amazing idea and amazing surprise. It is a very cute one.

Kavya( on the video call): And a little naughty as well when it comes to this gift, right Riddhima?!

Kavya has winked at Riddhima.

Riddhima has got shy and blushed.

Kavya( on the video call): Oh! My blush girl has blushed as well! Impressive!

Manha( on the video call): Stop it Kavya! Let’s first help her and then we could tease her as much as we can!

Kavya( on the video call): Yes dhi you are right.

They start laughing and then Riddhima has joined them and laughed with them.

They were always able to draw a smile on her face even if they were teasing her.

Afterwards, they have ended the video call.

Then Riddhima starts getting ready to meet them without Vansh know that.

She has met them on the same place that Vansh has proposed her on it.

It was a place near the sea.

Kavya and Manha have liked the place a lot.

Manha: It is just an amazing place.

Kavya: Jiju is so romantic to propose you in this place and you are more romantic to make his birthday surprise here. Not bad cupcake! Not bad!

Riddhima has blushed again.

Riddhima( trying to change the topic): Let’s start our surprise to get this birthday boy here soon.

They have started arranging everything in the way Vansh likes.

Riddhima was happy while doing this surprise for Vansh.

Her happiness was more because Manha and Kavya were with her.

Riddhima’s POV starts:

I’m so blessed to have such an amazing friends.

They didn’t thought for a second before accepting to help me.

Kavya and Manha dhi are so special to me.

They have always supported me when I have needed their help.

They always love me and care about me a lot.

When I was suffering so much due to my health issues that never end, they were standing by my side and helping me.

I can’t forget this talk of Manha dhi that I wasn’t saying anything on it due to my attack and she was just bearing that and just being here to support me.

I can’t forget her words and encourages.

I still remember those words that she has said after I got a little fine:

I smile when you smile, I cry when you cry, I feel strong in myself when I see you strong. I feel alive when I know that you are okay. I feel safe when I know that my sister is safe! Nothing more I want in my life! When you are with me. You are my live my life my jan my sis my everything you are the most precious!

She is such a moon like I called her.

She is the moon that really shines this darkness of mine.

She is my elder sister who I was searching about her.

I was wishing to have an elder sister and after so many years God has blessed me with her.

She is a very precious and special person to me.

I do love her more than she could imagine.

I know that she is busy due to her tough profession, but still she gets a little time for me.

She manages to be with me even if it will be for some minutes, still it means the world to me.

When she messages me, I feel that my heart dances from happiness.

Yes she scolds me a lot, but I know that she do that because she loves me a lot and cares about me.

I can’t also forget my Kavya who she is also very very very very special and have a place in my heart.

She is my sunshine.

The bright that gives glowing to my life.

The one who gives so many smiles to me.

The one who teases me and I also try to learn and tease her as well!

The one who I trust her a lot.

The one who I know that she will never judge me or misunderstands me.

She always feel about me.

She always understands me and I also understands her.

She is the one who I have told her about Vansh first.

She is the one who I have rushed to her when I started owing feelings to him.

She is the one who has supported me and made me know what shall I do.

I learned from her so many stuff.

Regardless that she is the younger, but still I learn from her a lot.

Especially when it comes to teasing and flirting!

I wish I could give her so much happiness.

Because she really deserves all the happiness.

Actually, both of them deserves all the happiness that found in this world.

I love them unconditionally.

I went near them and have hugged them very tightly.

Riddhima’s POV ends.

Riddhima: I love you both so much. God bless you both to me. I love my sunshine. I love you my moon.

Manha: I love you too my sparkle gem.

Kavya: I love you way more my cupcake.

After some emotional time, they got back to their work.

They have finished preparing the surprise.

Riddhima got ready to wait for Vansh at the place while Manha and Kavya supposed to go to get him from VR mansion without he knew anything.

Manha and Kavya got admired when they have seen Riddhima’s look.

She was wearing a very hot red dress.

She was looking stunning while wearing it.

Manha and Kavya have teased her for some minutes.

Then they have rushed to get Vansh to the place at the right time.

Vansh’s POV starts:

I don’t know where Manha and Kavya are taking me?!

I don’t know where is Riddhima?!

She isn’t at home since early morning!

I have missed her so much and I’m really worried about her.

I just h…….


Where they have got me?!

It is the same place as I have proposed sweetheart on it!

What is going on here?!

Before I ask Manha and Kavya, I have found my answer.

I have found decorations written on it Happy Birthday Vansh.

I have found so many gifts and so many cakes.

I have known it.

It is my sweetheart’s surprise!

I knew that she will never miss that day without a huge celebration even that she knew that I don’t like celebrating my birthday, but she still likes to surprise me.

I have liked all the cakes that written on it my name.

I was liking everything so much.

I was just waiting for my sweetheart to arrive.

I want to give her a very long hug.

A hug that could connect my breathes with hers.

Vansh’s POV ends.

At that moment, Riddhima has arrived in front of Vansh.

She has rushed to him and has hugged him so tightly.

Then she has kissed him in his cheek not concentrating on Manha and Kavya’s smiles.

Riddhima: Happy Birthday my love. I hope you have liked the surprise my birthday boy.

Vansh has smiled.

Then he has made Riddhima closer to her.

Vansh: You are always able to make me smile so much my love. You have done so many surprises and lovely stuff to me. I love you so much sweetheart.

He has hugged her so tightly.

Then Manha and Kavya have came near them.

Manha: Still there is another surprise that you will like it a lot.

Kavya: Riddhima dhi has prepared so many stuff for you jiju.

They made Vansh sit.

Then Riddhima starts getting him sketch of his pictures being framed in a cutout.

Vansh was amazed seeing those cutouts and this frame.

Then Riddhima starts getting him his gifts.

She has given him a perfume first.

Riddhima: This is the perfume that I like its smell on you Vansh.

Kavya: Not only that jiju. She has got it so when you put it and hug her tightly it could stick on her clothes! She is so naughty by the way.

They all have smiled so much.

Riddhima: This second gift is a watch which is written on it my name so I could be with you at any place.

Vansh has smiled.

Then he gets Riddhima closer to him.

Vansh: You are my greatest gift Riddhima. You are my princess and my love. You are everything in my life. This birthday is so special because we are together on it. I love you so much sweetheart.

Riddhima: I love you too Vansh.

Vansh and Riddhima have hugged each other while Manha and Kavya were happy seeing their best friend happy.

Afterwards, they have cut the cake with everyone’s wishes to Vansh.

Vansh has made Riddhima eat first from the cake then she has made him eat part of the cake as well.

Riddhima: Happy Birthday my one and only boy.











The end of os. I hope you like it. Riddhima here was also me who was expressing just her love to her friends. So the 2 reasons of this os is first I want to thank my lovely two friends who they knew themselves and I have already talked about them. I have said that it will not be the last time to talk about one of my lovely friends and here is the 2nd os talking about 2 special people to my heart. The second reason is that I was wanting to write an birthday os about the special man VR. I hope you have enjoyed it and do tell me your opinion on the comments. The credit of the first edit picture of Riansh goes to @Subu and the second picture which is the edit of Vansh’s pictures goes to an instgram account called @Magicalriansh. She really do amazing edits! Thanks to them for those lovely edits. So please keep supporting me the way you are doing. Please guys don’t forget your feedback in the comment section below. 

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