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Sai asks Chandra if he slept after getting upset. She nods sadly. It is impossible to change his no into yes. He is very short tempered. I tried to explain him many times but he does not trust Fakir’s. He does not know anything about you. Sai says Maalik decides who will go where and when. Even your husband will come to Shirdi then. Chandra smiles. I am not worried now as you have said this. Teach him how to remain calm like you. You said that brother-sister help each other. Wont you help your sister then? Sai replies that things will fall into place at the right time. now is not the right time.

Ram ji is still waiting for Bade Babu. His colleague tells him to understand. Don’t waste your time. Bade Babu wont listen to you. Ram ji refuses to budge. I will either make him say yes to me today or! His colleague asks him about the other alternative.

Sai chants a shloka. He stops suddenly and his expression changes.

Ram ji is barges inside Bade Babu’s cabin against his colleague’s wish. I will see how he wont talk to me today.

A lady tells Sai to continue. Sai asks Chandra to head home right away. Everyone looks at each other in confusion. Chandra asks Sai if she has made any mistake. Sai says you must go there. He tells Tatya to make preps for her departure. Baizama tells Chandra to listen to Sai. We have learnt this in all these years. We may not understand initially what He says but it is best for us to accept his words without questioning Him. There must be a reason as to why He is asking you to go. Chandra nods. Tatya asks Chandra to come. Everyone gets up. Stops near the stairs and walks back to Sai. She folds her hands. Sai blesses her. She leaves with Savitri and Tatya. Sai looks sad as well.

Chandra and Savitri reach home in the morning. Savitri says looks like Bhau ji is at home. Try to convince him to come to Shirdi. Chandra stops her. I don’t find this right. He should be in office right now and the house should be locked. It does not look like that. Savitri says he might have taken off today. Chandra denies. He does not take leave even when he is ill. I feel strange. Sai suddenly told us to head home and now this. I am worried. Let’s go inside together. Savitri agrees. Chandra says Om Sai Ram and heads for the door.

Sai is adding wood to dhuni.

Chandra knocks at the door. Sai is looking at the dhuni intently. A random guy opens the door. Yes? Chandra asks him who he is. What are you doing at my house? He calls it his home. Chandra is in disbelief. How can it be? Government has given to my husband, Ram Chandra. He recognizes Ram Chandra. You are right. He was given this house earlier but now I am supposed to live here. I shifted here with my family today only. She asks him how it can be. He shares that Ram Chandra vacated the house yesterday. This is our home from today. She recalls her dream and feels dizzy. Savitri holds her. Where is Ram Chandra ji? The guy says I don’t know. He left before we shifted here. You must find him yourself. Sorry but I wont be able to help you. Chandra cries. Where would he be? What happened when I left from here? What’s happening to me, Sai? Please help me, Sai.

Sai tells his sister to have faith and patience.

Chandra cannot stop wondering why Ram ji would have vacated the house. Savitri tells her to be patient. We are on our way to office. We will find out everything there. They reach office and meet the same colleague who was with Ram ji yesterday. She asks him about her husband. I cannot understand what’s going on. Someone else is staying at our house. I have been told that he (Ram ji) has vacated the house. The guy bows his head. She asks him what happened in her absence. He shares that Ram ji had been trying to speak to Bade Babu since days. He was ignoring Ram ji. He waited for a long time but couldn’t wait anymore yesterday.

Flashback shows Ram ji walking inside Bade Babu’s cabin. Bade Babu tells him to leave citing that he is busy. Ram ji refuses. This dam wont be built by putting so many lives in risk. Bade Babu stays put. Ram ji calls him selfish. You have turned blind because of your greed. You are making preps to kill so many people. How can you sell your self-respect for money? Bade Babu tells him to remember his limits. Ram ji says you are the one who is forgetting it which is why you think you are above your position and rights. I wont let you do it though. He tears the map and throws it on Bade Babu angrily. This is what your plan really deserved! I did what was supposed to happen! How could you think that I will go against my ideals and let you build this dam? Bade Babu says someone else will make it then. It will be made where I want it to! You think so highly of yourself. I fire you for your rudeness. You will be without salary for a month! Ram ji says I refuse to work with people like you. I resign from my job right away. He stomps out of the room in a huff. Flashback ends.

Chandra is shocked. Colleague says he gave in his written resignation afterwards and vacated the house. She asks him where he would be now. He says I don’t know. You can ask in the enquiry office. Someone might know something there.

Sai, Tatya, Keshav, Chandu and Bheema are going somewhere. Keshav says it is good that we went to meet Dilawar ji. He treated everyone equally. Sai says he is a man who believes in God. Whoever believes in God stops discriminating amongst people. This is the first step towards achieving God. They all agree with Sai. They see a few guys beating a man mercilessly and stop in their tracks. Sai asks them to stop. The guy runs to Sai. Please save me from them, Sai. Help me. Sai nods. Another guy greets Sai. We know you and respect you but we request you not to intervene in this matter. This is a matter related to our village and is associated with religion too. He is a sinner. We are punishing him. Sai asks him what this guy has done. The rich guy says he is from a lower caste and is trying to build a home in our area. Sai asks him what he means by that. The rich guy points at the fence. We stay on this side while people from lower caste live on the other side. This has been the tradition of our village but he thinks too highly of himself and is trying to build his home on our land. He points at the construction ahead. Sai says he has moved ahead only by 2 steps. Plus, this house looks really small. Why are you punishing him for this? The guys from upper community don’t find it right but Sai calls it a basic necessity. No one can take it from him. The rich guy says he forgot his limits and broke the tradition. He should stay in the area that is designated to people from his caste. They have been clearly told about it. He still dared to break the tradition. This is the reason why we are punishing him. Many other people would try to do the same thing tomorrow otherwise.

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