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Tatya tells Sai he has just returned to Shirdi. I came to give you what’s yours. Sai looks at the coin. What is it? Tatya says this is what you asked for. Sai says I dint ask for this. Tatya gets confused. This is what bandha rupya is. Sai tells him to remember what he had told him. Tatya gets thinking. Sai had said that it is time to remind Nansaheb Chandorkar to remind him that he is my bandha rupya, my disciple. Tatya says I couldn’t tell him that as he said he does not believe in any Baba or Fakir. He got upset when I asked for bandha rupya. He thought I was asking for a donation and gave me this. Honestly, I couldn’t say anything to him. Sai says change begins when we understand the hint of change. Go and take some rest. You must be tired. Tatya leaves. Om Sai plays.

Chandorkar is sleeping. He sees flashes of Shirdi and Sai in his sleep. He wakes up with a start.

Durpada lights diya in temple. We dint earn anything since we have come here. I hope people like our ingredients here. Manik says we have been doing everything honestly. God will bless us with what’s right. She nods. We are losing time. What if we fail to arrange money in time? They hear someone murmuring and go outside to check. They see Saraswati shivering. Durpada address her as Ma ji. Saraswati wakes up with a start.

Sai calls out to Prabhakar and Rajni. They greet him. Sai asks them to come with him. Rajni asks him where they are off to. Sai says I will tell you later. Take some clothes with you. They nod.

Chandorkar wonders who he saw in his dream. His wife asks him if he is fine. What happened? You don’t sleep till so long. He looks outside. I slept till late because of that dream. He does not tell anything to his wife. You look tired. She shares that she couldn’t sleep last night. I have been seeing the same dream since days. I am afraid to sleep now. That Fakir will ask for help and I wont be able to give him anything. That dream has started to come in the afternoon too now. I cannot digest it that we were unable to help someone even in a dream. He thinks of his dream. She says I know you don’t believe in Baba or Fakir but I cannot forget it. He says dreams appear to be true if we keep thinking about them. I dream too. She says I think it is more of a premonition. He agrees. It hints that you can be unwell if you don’t focus your mind on something else. She goes to make preps for puja.

Prabhakar asks Sai what happened that he told them to come with him. where are we going? Sai says you will stay at your brother’s place for a few days. A guy comes running to them and informs Prabhakar that the roof of their house fell down. It could have hurt you guys had you been inside. Rajni and Prabhakar fold their hands with gratitude. You knew it beforehand Sai. This is your miracle. He says it was my observation. I was walking by when I saw your house and saw that crack. Everything, be it good or bad, always gives a hint before it actually happens. It is the same with season / weather. We must not ignore it as that’s how God prepares us to face tomorrow.

Saraswati apologizes to Durpada and Manik. I got tired while walking and chose to rest here. Manik says I have seen you before. Can we take you to your home? She denies. Durpada says you will have someone to go back to. Saraswati says I only have Ram ji by my side. I forgot the path I undertook and I am still looking for my way from here. thank you for giving shelter to me. She picks up her bag and begins to go when she feels dizzy. Manik and Durpada hold her. She passes out in their arms.

Sai says new journey has just begun. Good is about to be rewarded. Give it some time. He takes leave from Prabhakar and Rajni. Go to Prakash’s house.

Manik and Durpada help Saraswati lie down. Saraswati has fever. Durpada brings water for her. Manik sprinkles water on Saraswati but she does not wake up. Durpada asks him to seek help from someone when Sai comes there. I thought you needed me. Manik welcomes him inside. Durpada tells him about Saraswati. Manik says it was very cold last night. Durpada adds that seems like she has nowhere else to go to. Sai shares that her name is Saraswati. Those, who don’t have a place to go to, can go anywhere. She was in Maruti mandir yesterday and was playing to Maruti to take her to her destination. It looks like Maruti heard her prayers. He asks Durpada to bring a glass. Sai rubs some udi on Saraswati’s forehead. Wake up, Mayi. Saraswati opens her eyes. Durpada and Manik look on in surprise. Sai pours her water in a glass, mixes a little udi in it. Saraswati says everything became a blur suddenly. Sai asks her to drink it. Durpada helps Saraswati in sitting up. Saraswati takes the glass from Sai. I feel a little better. Sai assures her that she will be perfectly fine in some time. Saraswati says you have been helping me since yesterday and I don’t even know your name. Manik says he is Sai baba. Saraswati is surprised. You are Sai! I dint know this when I met you for the first time. durpada says he has helped us a lot since we came here. Sai says it is our duty to help one another. Saraswati says I cannot help anyone though. I can stay away from everyone’s life so that I am not a burden to anyone. Sai says so many people yearn for a mother’s love. Ask about its importance from someone who has never gotten a mother’s love. Saraswati rues that that does not help earn anything. Sai says it will be given by the one who blessed you with that. Saraswati thanks them for taking care of her. I will take your leave now. Manik asks her where she will go. Saraswati looks at Ram’s idol. Wherever he will take me! Sai says maybe Ram ji will take you to where your love is needed.

Sai takes Manik and Durpada aside. You both are new here and are settling in. You will find support in her. You both can work and she can take care of Bela. She will find a family and Bela will get Ajji with whom she can play and hear stories from. Durpada and Manik are taken aback. They recall what they had experienced last night. Sai says this will benefit everyone. Rest is on you. Manik says it will be good for us. We will not worry anymore. We know nothing about her though. How can we trust her with our child? Sai says you can see someone’s intentions in their eyes. Drop this matter if you see anything wrong.

Window opens on its own. Bela shifts in her sleep as she feels cold. Saraswati notices her thus. She goes inside and covers Bela with a duvet. Durpada and Manik smile.

Durpada asks Saraswati to stay with them from now onwards. We don’t have too much but we can surely share whatever little we have. Manik seconds her. we will start working from today and we may have to step out. We cannot take Bela with us. You can take care of her and the home too. Sai asks her if she will accept it. Saraswati nods. She looks at Bela. This is her? Durpada nods. Take bath. You will feel better after eating something. Bela will be up by then. they all fold their hands in gratitude. Sai blesses them.

Precap: A Brahmin scolds a family for feeding someone else before a Brahmin during shraad. He walks out of there in a huff.

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