Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 29th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Amber decides to back off from marriage


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The Episode starts with Nia saying sorry and telling that it was her mistake as she saw him stressed, but didn’t talk to him. He says I can’t burden you with my decisions. Amber says you are my daughter, but you are handling me. He says I don’t know if Guneet can handle me or not, what I will do. Nia says may be she will not do, as she is not Nia. She says Guneet can’t be Nia or viceversa. She says your relation is not same with her and says whatever happened in the past 9 years, whenever something changed suddenly, you was worried, but faced all the toughest situation and never ran away. Amber says this is different. Nia says who said that this will be easy. Kabir asks RB if he likes to play with people’s emotions and life. RB says yes, very much, but the reason is not applicable here. Kabir says you would have brought uncle here. RB says you wanted me to bring uncle here forcibly. Kabir says uncle loves Guneet ji a lot and he was not running away, he was just nervous. RB says he don’t force anyone. Kabir says we don’t do like you, if anyone is in problem then we make them understand and solve their problems. RB says my knowledge is negligible and asks if he knows so much then why don’t he apply this in his life. He says I am talking about Nia. He says you have taken your decision, but what about Nia. He says when you have moved on, Nia shall move on in her life.

Kabir looks at him upset. Dr. Pandey comes to Kabir and asks did you know where is Amber? Kabir says I will go and check. He calls Nia and asks if uncle is found. Nia says yes and asks him to give 2 mins, says she will come inside. Kabir says Guneet ji is getting doubtful, come inside fast. Pammi tells Lovely, how to talk to Guneet? Lovely says whenever we talk, girls make us go. She asks her to talk to a trustable person. Pammi asks Nia? Lovely says no. Pammi says Dr. Pandey. Lovely says we shall talk to Doctor. Pammi says he shall not know that we want him to do our work. Nia asks Amber to decide now itself, as the third person is involved in this matter. She says if you don’t want to marry, then tell me, I will go and tell everyone. They will shout at me and I will bear it. she says if your fear is more than your love, then what to say. She says once you agree then you can’t back off. I will not leave you. Amber wipes his tears.

Pammi asks Dr. Pandey to talk to Amber and Guneet about their babies. Dr. Pandey asks what? Pammi says Amber and Guneet’s kids. Dr. Pandey says let them get married first, I don’t think that one day will make any change. Pammi says we have to talk. Dr. Pandey tells that second child is not possible. He says Anjali had told me once that she don’t want second child as Amber loves Nia so much that he don’t want any more child. He says even if they have a child then Amber can’t love the child as he loves Nia. Pammi gets doubtful about Guneet’s decision, thinks if she is doing right.

Amber asks Nia to say sorry to Guneet. Nia asks are you sure? Amber says yes. Nia says I will tell Guneet ji that third time, her heart broke. She says let her trust ends from the relations, but you think about yourself only. Guneet thinks of Amber and her conversation. She gets tensed and sends him voice message, asking him to come and tell her if he has any problem, they will solve it together and asks her to come and don’t worry. Nia says you think about yourself only like always and gives him letter which RB gave. Amber reads the letter, which says that RB is jealous of him for having such a loving daughter and now soon to have a loving wife. Amber walks towards the car, thinks of Guneet and sits in the car. He hears Guneet’s voice message. Guneet looks here and there, waiting for Amber. Nia waits for Amber. Amber looks on.

Precap: Guneet enquires about Amber and asks if he got the clothes. Nia cries and says Dad…Just then they see someone (most probably Amber) coming to the sangeet playing the music.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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