Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 20th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Amber and Guneet gets married finally


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The Episode starts with Guneet and Amber taking rounds, while Nia, Kabir, Swara and others throw flower on them. Kajal calls Nia and tells that 3rd tyre added to the scooter and asks her how she will feel with them, says kabab ki haddi between them. Nia gets sad. Kajal says we didn’t talk about this. Nia says we shall enjoy this marriage. Pandit ji asks them to sit and make Guneet wear mangalsutra and apply sindoor in her hairline. Amber follows the rituals and makes her wear mangalsutra and applies sindoor in her forehead/hairline. Guneet cries and gets emotional. Everyone smiles. Pandit ji declares them husband and wife and tells that the marriage is completed. Amber says 1 min Pandit ji and tells that they have to take one more promise together. He gets up and tells that he will never forget to add adrak and dalchini in her chai and coffee respectively. Everyone laughs. Guneet says I promise that when you get old and your voice shakes up, then also I will not stop you from singing Kishore Kumar’s song. Amber promises to laugh on all her jokes so that she can laugh loudly. Guneet says I promise that I will eat paratha if you make me eat. Amber says I will never leave eating kulfi with you even if we argue and fight. Everyone says awww…Guneet says I promise that I will not stop you from cleaning the house. Amber says only Guneet can park the car now. Guneet tells that she will let him win the argument. Amber says I will let you cheat in carom. Nia says no. Amber says I will become cheat, betrayal and troublesome husband, will steal all your troubles and betray your pain and will drown you in happiness. He says this is my promise. Everyone gets emotional and smiles. Guneet promises that she will become greedy only for his love, will be stubborn to hold his hand and live her life with him, tells that she will fight with everyone whoever comes in between them and their love. She promises him.

Guneet holds Nia’s hand. Nia, Amber and Guneet pose for the pic together while Ghanshyam takes their pic. Guneet meets Pammi. Pammi gets emotional and goes from there. Guneet runs behind Pammi, while Amber runs behind her. Guneet hugs Pammi and cries. Lovely Maasi and Amber looks on. Pammi asks her not to cry and tells that you are married and shall not cry. Guneet asks if she will leave her. Pammi says where will I go leaving you and tells that she will come to her house after she settled down. Amber looks shocked. Guneet smiles. Nia smiles and tells that they have to do bidaai and take the bride to her house. Guneet does the rice throwing rasam from over her head. She hugs everyone and walks while Kabir and Shri hold the palanquin kind of the structure. Nia brings the red water. Guneet keeps her hand in it and looks at the wall to leave her hand impression. She sees Amber, Guneet, Nia written on the name plate and gets happy. Amber calls her Guneet Sharma. Guneet enters home. Kajal says Nia’s dad ki dulhan arrived. Nia brings the newly weds to their room and says this is your last surprise. Guneet and Amber see the decorated room and bed, and gets happy. Nia asks if he liked it. Amber smiles. Nia says if you want anything then tell me. Amber asks her to sit. Nia thinks you are saying right and tells that she thought to sleep here. Amber asks Guneet if she is feeling tired and tells that even he is tired. Nia says ok, she will go and come there if they call her. She goes. Amber sits on the bed.

Precap: Kajal tells Nia that Amber will not call her much as his wife came. Nia brings medicine for Amber and finds Guneet already giving him tablet and hides it.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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