Mentalhood Review: This Karisma Kapoor Starrer Is All About The Highs & Lows Of Modern Parenting


Becoming a parent is always a beautiful feeling, they say. Especially for a mother, for whom her child turns into her whole world. Maybe it was simpler back in the day, but modern parenting is no joke, guys. MentalHood, starring Karima Kapoor in the lead, is all about that. It’s about how a bunch of urban, elite mums deal with motherhood and fight to be the ‘best mothers’ out there.

MentalHood marks Karisma’s digital debut, and we must say, she fits the bill perfectly as the sensible yet confused Mental Mom, Meira, who has just moved to Mumbai from Kanpur. The show introduces Meira bringing Chole Bhature for all the kids at school, as Ajo (Sandhya Mridul) ridicules her for trying to ‘poison’ all the kids with such oily food. Through the course of the show, she learns the ropes of dealing with the elitist mothers and yet, be her own person.

When it comes to the cast of the series, they got it bang on! The motley bunch of mothers come with their own baggage and the actors breathe life into each one of these characters. From Anjana a.k.a Ajo (Sandhya Mridul) or rather the ‘Momzilla’ who bosses over all the other mothers, to Shruti Seth playing the single mom, Diksha, with a very hippie approach to parenting, we see the whole spectrum. Tillotama Shome as Priety is a pleasant surprise as a Punjabi mom of two boys who yearns to fight the misogyny in her marriage while trying to control her kids. Namrata, played by Shilpa Shukla, is the workaholic, career-focused woman who takes it upon herself to prove she is a great mother. Add to that the very charming and sensitive single dad, Akash (Dino Morea), who is all kinds of dreamy to the mothers in the school as he tries to be one of the moms. The role of the fathers in all this madness is also depicted aptly by the cool and composed Anmol (Sanjay Suri), Meira‘s husband.

Each one of them deals with their own demons in their household — from a bad marriage, divorce, misogyny to trust issues — and it all affects their parenting in one way or the other. The dynamics the ladies share are sure a love-hate one, but how they support each other through their issues is heartwarming to see!

With every episode, we are presented with a concern that the mothers face with their children and family, and it turns out to be an engaging watch because of the humorous yet sensitively written script. From bullying to gender identities and sexual abuse, they cover a lot of different concerns that are such important elements of parenting in today’s time.

All in all, this is one light-hearted show with a good heart that you will love to binge on! So, you know what your weekend plans are, right? Click here to watch all the episodes of Mentalhood.

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