Love Story Of Demi-Jinn And Ayaana ~ Destined To Be ONE – Episode 4


The episode starts with Aman and Roshni’s bedroom, a ray of sunlight falls on Roshni’s face, and birds from outside come and sit on the windowpane and chirp sweetly, trying to wake Roshni up, Roshni opens her eyes slowly, looks at them with a smile and says, “GOOD MORNING!!!” Then she looks towards the sofa for Aman and thinks where he went early in the morning. Then all the flashes of the previous day’s events passes through her mind, she feels saddened by the fact of Parveen’s hatred towards her, and tells “Allah knows best, let me get ready fast and go and help Ammi in the kitchen, otherwise, I will never be able to win her heart.” She goes inside the bathroom and tries to shut the door, but finds the doorknob broken. Roshni frowns, “Allah knows best, this KHAN BABA, keeps chanting KIYA MEEFA, KIYA MEEFA, all the time to just show off his powers, couldn’t he just repair this doorknob, but just saying….” She imitates Aman and continues, “KIYA MEEFA” but the doorknob remains the same, “Allah knows best, even the doorknobs in Khan baba’s house have his attitude, anyways why should I waste my time??” She goes inside, fills the bathtub with water and soap, such that it bubbles up, then slowly undresses herself and puts on a bathroom towel, and then slowly lies down in the bathtub. Then, unknowingly she falls asleep inside the bathtub, and goes down inside the water.

Aman enters the bathroom, and sees no one inside, he thinks, “where did this crazy woman go??? She must be downstairs!!!” He tries to close the doorknob but notices it broken, he calls baazigar, but baazigar doesn’t turn up.

Outside Rakh Jinn tells her plan to Adaa, I have broken the doorknob of Aman’s bathroom and also used a shield in there such that Aman’s voice does not reach baazigar. Aman will not be able to use his magic inside the bathroom. So once, he enters, he will have to choose to have a bath with the door open. And once, he starts having a bath, the water in the bathroom will also be controlled by me and soon stop, he will try to use magic for help, but he will not be able to use it. And at that time before the family enters, I want you to enter and try to help Aman, saying that you came to hear him by chance and want to help him. Then, soon, hearing his voice, the other family members including Roshni will also reach there, and seeing you and Aman in such a position will surely plant the first seed of DOUBT in Roshni’s mind, which will be our first step to separate Roshni and Aman. Rakh Jinn smirks.

Inside Aman’s bathroom.

Great, this baazigar, joining with that crazy Roshni has become a dramebaaz just like her, he has stopped to listen to my orders too!!! Then he notices the bathtub filled with bubbled water but does not notice Roshni inside. He thinks, “This woman is really crazy, after taking bath, she has left the bathtub still filled.” Aman shakes his head in disappointed and goes to undress himself. He undresses himself completely and goes inside the bath cubicle completely naked. He starts bathing by putting the shower on, then as he slowly starts scrubbing the soap, the water stops.

Outside the Jinn is doing her magic, she signs Adaa to go inside.

Aman wonders, “Why did the shower stop????” He shouts baazigar, but unfortunately baazigar doesn’t turn up again. He shouts again loudly, which makes Roshni wake up from her sleep in the bathtub, “Allah knows best, thank goodness I did not drown to death in my sleep, for that WAIYAD PRAANI Khan Baba doesn’t allow me stay peacefully even in my sleep, she get out from the bathtub, while on the other side, Aman being frustrated with baazigar comes out of the bath cubicle, completely naked. As soon as Roshni comes out of the bathtub, she sees Aman completely naked, she screams “AHHHHHH”, which makes Aman realise the presence of Roshni inside the bathroom and lets on a scream, while taking a bucket and covering himself. Roshni shouts, “What kind of WAIYAD PRAANI you are KHAN BABA, that you are walking her and there naked, Aman shouts back, “Then should I take bath putting on a shirt, blazer, pants and tie!!! And what are you doing here inside my BATHROOM!!!” Roshni replies, “Allah knows best Khan baba, This, is my bathroom too and I came in the bathroom first, only thing is that I slept off for a few minutes inside the bathtub”. Aman realises that he had missed seeing Roshni inside the bathtub. He scolds her, “Which DUMB sleeps inside a bathtub that too with water inside???” Roshni gets angry and tells, “Oh I do,” she turns towards Aman to say, “and why shouldn’t I???” but then again gets embarrassed, “Uff, Khan Baba, will you at least wrap a towel around you!!!!” Aman says, “My eyes are burning because of soap, and I’m not able see anything here, so where will I find a towel???” Roshni getting irritated, takes a towel, then closing her eyes, goes towards him and says, “Here Towel, take it!!!” but Aman being not able to see, is not able to get it from her. Roshni finally gives up and wraps the towel around Aman herself. Aman feels strange…. (Kahani humari plays).

And as she is about to leave, she stamps over the soap, left down by Aman, and slips. Aman pulls her, while Roshni catches his hand and then hugs him tightly in fear (Kahani humari plays). Aman tells her, “Roshni, what are you doing, leave!!!!!” Roshni realises that they both are in towel and leaves him immediately just when Adaa calls out, “Aman!!!!” Both get agitated on hearing her voice and fall into the bathtub together. Adaa comes inside and becomes shocked to see them together in the bathtub. Soon, the whole family enters and are agape to see the same. Saima slowly shuts Chotu’s eyes.


To be continued.

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