Ishq Mein Marjawan – Fan Fiction – Episode 30


Hi guys, I am back again and am so sorry for not updating for 4 days I was actually so engrossed in watching the show that I didn’t have any time. Also I have decided I will end this story on episode 40 and then start a new one. I hope you will all continue to support me as you do and I promise I will update regularly from now on. Thank you for supporting me

Epi starts..

Riddhima and Vansh comes back to their room. Riddhima was feeling sleepy but Vansh wanted to spend some time with her. He gently slid his hand on her waist and pulled her closer to him. He blowed in her ear and whispered

Vansh: I love you

Riddhima blushed and gently pushed him away. Vansh again tried to go close to her but she runs around the room and goes to stand on the bed.

Vansh: Riddhima what are you doing?

Riddhima: .. (she just smiled and winked)

Vansh followed Riddhima from the side of the bed. Her dress gets caught on the handle side of the bed and she starts to fall. Vansh noticed it and rushes to hold her but he falls on top of her in the middle of the bed.

Riddhima giggling looks up at Vansh. They shared an eyelock and are about to get romantic but is disturbed by a knock on the door. Vansh looks at Riddhima and gestured her not to open it. Riddhima shakes her head and gets up to go to the door.

Angad: I am sorry bhai and bhabi for disturbing you so late but I felt I owed you an apology for what happened with Ragini.

Riddhima: Its ok but please make sure she is within your eye reach because she is very smart.

Vansh from behind: Just like someone I know (he winks at Riddhima)

Angad: Oo it looks like I disturbed something important. I will just go then (he felt embarrassed)

Angad walks away and Riddhima goes to Vansh.

Riddhima: I think you scared him away.

Vansh: It is my room and I want my wifey to myself

Riddhima: Vanshhh I’m sleepy not now pls

Vansh: How bout me? (He makes a sad face)

Riddhima comes close to Vansh and kisses him out of surprise.

Riddhima: Now are you satisfied?

Vansh: One moreee

Riddhima: No Vansh, we will have time for this another night.

She slides over and turns off the lights and slides into bed. Vansh was still hanging in the middle at the same position waiting for Riddhima but sees her lying on the bed and sighs. He goes next to her to lay on his side of the bed.
Riddhima notices it and hugs him while falling  asleep after a while.

Next morning..

Riddhima is in her room when she suddenly feels dizzy. She tries to get up but can’t and wonders what happened to her. She ignores it and feels better after a while. Anupriya walks in.

Anupriya: Riddhima can I talk to you?

Riddhima: Sorry mummyji I have some work to do.

She tries to walk past her and go downstairs but Anupriya again blocks her

Anupriya: I am warning you Riddhima, try anything with Ragini and you will be next to die from my hand

Riddhima: Are you threatening me?

Anupriya: You deserve it you spoiled brat. I gave you everything, a house, Vansh.

Riddhima: You did not give me anything. Now move plz I want to go out

Anupriya holds her hand and pulls her so hard that Riddhima falls on the floor tipping a glass over onto the floor.

Anupriya: You don’t know what I’m capable of Riddhima. Do not mess with me.

Riddhima: Mummyji plz get out of my room.

Anupriya was angry but walks out. Riddhima gently gets up and again feels dizzy. She sits down and feels better after a few minutes. She decides to go and see the doctor the next day.

Precap: Riddhima lies to Vansh that she is going to meet her friend but goes to the hospital to see the same doctor who treated her. She comes home and hugs Vansh

Thats all for today guys. What happened to Riddhima?  

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