Is the 100 coming back for Season 8? Check release date, cast, spoilers, plot & more


A new web series The 100 Season 8 is going to be seen soon in front of you all. Yes, Friends, the first look of the series was released on 20 May 2020. And in its last season, 16 episodes were shown which were less than the expected number. It is now being speculated by the people that the remaining episodes of its last season will be extended further in this The 100 web series. It is also being expected that this show will be released sometime this year. As you all know how this series had shown its awesome in the last season, due to which the demand for its upcoming season was being demanded by the people. Get some more details by reading this article entirely.

The 100 Season 8 Release Date

So, friends, this next season 8 is being presented to all of you, which will win all your hearts completely. And all of you will feel very emotional. You all have enjoyed the entire season of this show. As you all know The 100 was very much liked by the people. Due to this, many of their series were prepared one by one. According to the news, it has been discovered that there is no such information in this series that there will be any changes in the cast of this upcoming series season 8? Or not.

The 100 Season 8 Story & Spoilers

Now let’s come to know about the cast of this upcoming season 8, The series will star Eliza Taylor who will be seen as Clarke Griffin, Bob Morley as Bellamy Blake, Marie Avgeropolous who will be seen as Octavia Blake, Lindsey Morgan will be seen as Raven Reyes, Paige Turco who will be seen as playing the role of Dr. Abigail Griffin, Henry Ian Cusick, who will be seen as Marcus Kane.

According to the news, the story of this show presents humanity is ruined 97 years after the nuclear attack. And it is also shown in this show that the Earth is still livable or not and the spacecraft is sent in search of it. Knowing this story of the show, the enthusiasm of the people has increased even more to see this show and complete this whole story in the coming season.

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