Indiawaali Maa 28th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Sagar frames Kaku


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The Episode starts with Kaku asking Hasmukh to talk to Rohan once. Cheenu keeps a note for Rohan and goes. Rohan is sleeping. Kaku does tilak to Cheenu. She says its your first day at job, you should smile and be happy, your day will be good. They leave. Akshay comes to pick Cheenu. Rohan wakes up and comes at the door. He sees them. He wakes up from his dream. He calls out Cheenu. He doesn’t see her anywhere. He asks where is Cheenu. Kaku says its her job’s first day today. He asks job? Where? She says its not imp, she has understood her responsibility, she wants to do something for the family, she has joined Akshay’s office. He calls Cheenu.

She says she also worries for her baby, let her do if she wants, she is educated and talented, you should trust her. He says you don’t know anything. She says its her right to decide, you go and get ready for your work, talk to her when she comes home, till then you let her do her work, go and get ready. He goes to his room and gets angry. He throws his clothes from cupboard.

Akshay says I wanted to show your workplace, I want you to be comfortable. She says no special treatment please, lets keep it professional. He says okay, only time will change, people change, who knows what will happen, I m kidding, relax. She thanks him.

Sagar asks the workers to hurry up. Kaku stitches the jacket. He says you have worked hard, I will click your pic. Kaku says not between the work. Rohan asks about buyer. Sagar lies to him. He goes out and asks someone to act as buyer. Vasu comes there. She sees Kaku stitching. She says you forgot me, but I didn’t forget you, you didn’t tell me about Rohan’s new business, I will be happy for Cheenu. Kaku says it happened in a hurry. Vasu says so nice of Rohan that he started business on your name, this time nothing will go wrong, as you are helping him, show me what did you make. Kaku shows the jacket. Vasu says beautiful, did you do this by your hands. Kaku says yes, I got the order to make this jackets. Vasu asks are you making this order. Kaku says yes, we will get profits, we can pay Rohan’s loan also. Vasu coughs and asks for water. Kaku goes. Vasu calls Murthy/Appa. She says Rohan is copying some designer’s design, he isn’t doing right work. He says Rohan and Kaku are cheating Cheenu again, Cheenu is pregnant, she will be stressed, you are her mum, think what you should do. She says don’t worry, I will do something. She clicks pic of the designs. Kaku comes and sees her clicking pics. She smiles. Sagar comes and looks on.

Kaku introduces Sagar to Vasu. Vasu says I m happy for Rohan and Cheenu, all the best. Kaku says thanks, take the mineral water with you. Akshay asks how was the first day. Cheenu says it was really good, I was thinking why didn’t I decide this before. He says because you fell in love and made it your career, you are a smart girl, how can you sit at home, did Rohan stop you from work. She asks why will he stop me, he encourages me to work, its getting late, lets go. He says we have a big meeting tomorrow, the big wedding is your first assignment, be careful. She asks when shall I go. He says tomorrow, its good if you learn it soon, tell me if you want special treatment. She says no, I will be ready. He goes. Kaku says the work is over, Rohan we shall go home. She gets ache in her knee. He gets Cheenu’s call. He disconnects. Kaku says it was her first day at job, ask her how was her day. He says she didn’t tell me about it. She says you are so jealous. She laughs. She says I thought you are broad-minded. He says I know you tease dad about Rama, don’t you feel bad of her, we can’t go home now, Sagar will get supervisor. Sagar asks the man to remember and ask the questions. He says they should think real buyer has sent you, do one more thing. Rohan meets the man. The man gives the cheque.

Rohan gets ten lakhs. He thanks the man. Sagar says Kaku has done all this, she is Rohan’s mum, the business belongs to her, you know she has made the order ready for her son. She says a mum can do anything for her son. The man says you are an inspiration for every woman, I would like to tell this to my mum also. She smiles. Sagar signs him. The man asks her to tell something about herself. She says I don’t know all this. Sagar says everyone should know your talent. She asks why are you taking my pic and video. Rohan signs her. She says fine, I will say. She shows the jacket and says I m Kaushalya Gadhvi, I m 55 years old, I m from Bhuj, my business is Kaushalya enterprises, I have done this embroidery, you can do anything, you should have courage, determination, family’s support and love. Appa sees the video and smiles. He calls Sagar and says you did good work, are you collecting all proofs, once there is fake designer label, then everything will be ready. Sagar says fine. Appa says it will be a big thing.

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