Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 24th December 2020 Written Episode Update


Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 24th December 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rajjo asking Happu to get up and tells that it is morning. She wakes him up. Happu wakes up and tells that he has never hurt anyone. Rajjo says I know that you are not that kind of a guy who tease any girl and that’s why she has 9 children with him. Happu teases her and says he wouldn’t have gone to PS today, if there was no case. Rajjo asks him to get up and leave. Amma reads the news in the newspaper and looks at Rajjo. Rajjo asks why are you looking at me? Amma says I am thinking to find out your intentions. Happu comes to Amma. Amma asks why you are looking as such. Happu says he has applied face pack on his face. Malaika says your age is drowning…Amma asks did your wife ask you to apply it? Happu says yes. Amma asks don’t know what surprise your wife will give? Amma gets Saroj’s video call. She asks if she is getting married. Saroj says since someone broke my heart in college, I didn’t marry. Amma says ok. Saroj tells that she got a job in Kanpur, and asks if she can stay in her house. Amma says my house door is always open for you. She gives call to Happu. Happu sees Saroj’s face and gets shocked. He runs to bathroom and thinks he is the guy who has broken her heart.

Amma, Rajjo and Happu have breakfast. Amma tells that she will beat up the guy who ditched Saroj in college. Happu asks if she will take law in her hands. Rajjo says she will ask her Dhoomar bhaiyya to punish that guy. Happu says Saroj didn’t come and the environment in our house is so bad. He says kids will be affected with Saroj’s entry here and they can’t study. Rajjo asks why you are worried for their future. Chamchi asks do you really think so much for us. Happu says yes and tells that few neighbors don’t go. Rajjo says we will handle. Happu asks Amma to cancel Saroj’s stay here. Amma slaps him and praises Rajjo for winning her heart. She says love you Amma. Amma also says love you.

In the PS, Manohar tells that he has brought jai prakash halwai for him. Happu tells that his life is messy and tells him about Saroj, says he had broken her heart in college. He asks him to give him some idea so that she don’t come to his house. Manohar says even I was kicked out of my house.

Happu comes home later in the night. Manohar comes with him and greets Amma. Amma asks about the stuff. Happu says Manohar’s wife threw him out of home. Amma refuses to let him stay here. Happu asks her to adjust Manohar in the house like adjusting Saroj. Amma refuses. Happu signs Manohar. Manohar acts to cry and asks Happu to let him stay here. Amma asks him to go and stay in his relative’s house. Happu asks him to adjust Saroj in Beni’s house. Amma says Manohar will not stay here. Happu says I will not stay here, as I have no respect in this house. Chamchi says you have hurt Papa. Happu leaves the house and says we will stay in the PS now.

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