Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 21st October 2020 Written Episode Update: Gudiya pulls the curtains down on Harbheji and Sarla’s drama


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The Episode starts with Gudiya asking Radhe until when Devi will stay in Sarla. Radhe says there is no Devi in her, but Sarla’s anger. Gudiya asks there is an idea to find out the truth and asks Sarla if she can make Guddu fine, as he is unable to see humans. Sarla gets shocked and pretends as if Devi Maa came out from her. Gudiya comes to Harbheji and tells that Guddu can’t see anyone. She says whoever makes Guddu gets back his sight, that person will be the winner. Harbheji acts as if Devi Maa came out from her and asks her family members why they are walking up and down the stairs. She says I will give you lunch and asks them to come. Guddu asks if Badi Amma went. Gudiya says yes. Guddu asks why are you trapping me and asked me to judge. Gudiya doubts on Guddu and thinks to find out. She comes to Radhe and tells that she is doubtful that Guddu is acting. Radhe says you got trapped him in a difficult position. One side is Sarla, other side is Harbheji. Gudiya says she will not leave him.

And will expose him. She stamps on his hand mistakenly. Radhe asks what your mother ate to give you birth. Gudiya says coconut and sugar marbles. She comes to Guddu’s room and checks him. He pretends not to see her. She starts throwing his books and clothes. He asks who is in the room and asks her to stop. Gudiya thinks he can’t see me really and says what to do now. Guddu acts as hanuman and tells that Devi Maas entered your Amma and Guddu’s badi amma and their rudra avatar are destructive. He asks her to bring more big Mata in her than them. Gudiya asks how? He asks her to assume and feel mata inside her. He says if she wants Guddu to be fine then she has to free him from the judge position. Gudiya says I understood and goes while shaking.

Harbheji again troubles Atta, Nanhi, Madhav. Gudiya comes there while shaking up. Harbheji says she will make her ashes. Gudiya says she is more big Mata than her and asks Atta, Madhav and Nanhi to stop. Harbheji says she is not Devi, but lying. Gudiya throws laddoo on Harbheji. Harbheji shouts save me. Gudiya says you can’t protect yourself and asks which Devi is in you? Gudiya tickles her. Harbheji says she is not Devi, but Harbheji. Gudiya smiles and says she is Devi even now and asks her to greet her. Harbheji refuses. Gudiya asks her to bear the tickling then. Harbheji runs. Guddu hears her and thinks there is something in her for sure.

Radhe tries to go to washroom. Sarla refuses and praises herself, asking him to promise. Bantu goes to washroom. Sweety asks her to make Sarla understand. Sarla asks her to learn to work and calls her run away girl. Gudiya comes there and tells that she is more bigger Devi than her. Sarla asks if she also Devi. Gudiya tells that Sarla is troubling everyone. Pappu says my Amma loves us a lot. Sarla cries and tells that Devis don’t have such children. Gudiya says Sarla is not Devi and calls Radhe to side. He tells Radhe that very soon Sudha is returning in your life. Radhe asks what are you saying? Gudiya says Sudha will enter your life as a beautiful splash and then you will have happiness in your life. Sarla ends her drama and tells that she will take her life, says she is from Mahua. Gudiya smiles.

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