Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 12th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Gudiya meets Guddu’s family


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The Episode starts with Matai coming to Madhav and asks him to come for puja, says Putli Bai is calling him. Madhav is exercising and calls Matai as his father’s pet dog. Matai says you can’t even touch me. Madhav says you are my mother’s pet too. Matai asks him to come for puja. Madhav tells that he will not do puja standing behind someone and asks him to go, else he will ring his bell. Matai says rope is burnt, but power is still here. Guddu comes to his Chacha and asks him to get up. His Chacha asks why you are shaking. Guddu says you are shaking and asks him to come down for puja. His Chacha asks him to see the dreams and sleeps in drunkard state. Matai sees Nanhi eating watermelon and calls her. Nanhi tells that she is doing puja of food. Matai says ok, I will inform her. Nanhi says I didn’t refuse. Badi Amma tells Guddu that her son Gabbar couldn’t be handled by her today. Guddu calls Gabbar and asks who does this with Maa. Gabbar asks him to take him down. Badi Amma goes down. Gabbar tells that he will do puja and asks him to take him down. Guddu asks him to call her Amma. Gabbar says Amma is not taking me for puja. Guddu says if you come down then will see fire in lamps. Gabbar says then everything will light on fire. Guddu says if you get out of control then what you will do. Gabbar says I will not go down, bring prasad and give to me. Guddu prays to God to make him fine. Gabbar thinks he will not go down. Putli Bai brings the aarti with badi amma, matai and Guddu. The Servant play the musical instruments. Nanhi comes there and attends the puja. Gudiya gets excited hearing the bhajan’s sound. She tells Bantu that it seems Guddu’s family have come. Bantu says they are playing loud music. Gudiya says they are calling me. Bantu tries to stop her.

Gudiya prays to God and plans to go. Pappu and Sweety get afraid of the bhajan loud sound. Radhe and Sarla also get afraid and close the door. Gudiya takes the aarti and is going to Guddu’s house. Radhe tells that he is scared as they are doing Kali puja and asks if they are sacrificing someone. Sarla tells that they shall make Gudiya understand not to go to haveli even by mistake. Nanhi comes infront and does the aarti. Gudiya brings her aarti plate. Matai sees Gudiya and asks what is she doing here? Gudiya says what you are doing. Guddu looks at Gudiya. Matai asks Gudiya to go and tells that this is Putli Bai saab’s puja. Gudiya asks him to tell if the things in the plate are fine. He tries to snatch the plate from her hand and the plate falls down, the coconut hits putli Bai’s head, pot hits badi amma’s head and sindoor falls on Nanhi. Guddu scolds Gudiya.

Gudiya tells putli bai that she seems to be strong, not to react by coconut hit. Nanhi tells that she was eating water melon in the kitchen when she came here. Gudiya tells her name. Badi Amma scolds Gudiya. Gudiya tells that she had many golgappa’s that day. Putli Bai calls her and asks if she understands what she has done. Gudiya says I had brought puja thaali and then. Putli Bai asks if she did this intentionally. Guddu says she didn’t do anything intentionally. Gudiya calls him bajar battu. Badi amma says my son’s name is Guddu. Gudiya says she doesn’t like his name and tries to impress badi amma. Putli bai tells that it is not good to go to someone’s house without invitation. Gudiya asks Guddu if he heard what she said and praises her values. Badi amma says you talk so much and says her head is paining.

Putli Bai calls her. Gudiya asks her to call her name. Putli Bai asks her to go. Gudiya says she has come here to win their hearts and will go then only. Badi amma asks her to go. Gudiya signs Guddu. Guddu asks why you are staring at me and asks Matai to send her out. Guddu says I will see you. Matai asks gudiya to go as Putli Bai saheb is very angry now. He says I will call you later. Gudiya says ok and asks him to call her later. She asks Putli Bai not to scold Matai and leaves.

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