Girls Planet 999 Final Lineup Top 9 New Girl Group Kep1er Names Instagram


One of the most trending and famous South Korean reality competitions named Girls Planet 999 has premiered its final season along the winner of the season are also being declared by the creators of the show. Among a total of 13,000 candidates, there were only 99 candidates were selected and all of them were divided into a total of three groups in which a total of only 18 contestants secured their places in the finals which was happened just because of the hard work and talented they shown in the performance wich loved by all very much. The creators also announced the parts of the Girl Group and after this, all the attraction and attention of the viewers is shifting towards the newly formed and produced girl band. With this, all of them are eager to know about that who is the new band and wants to know the top 9 winners of the season who attracts the viewers a lot, so connect with our website to collect all the news and information about this.

Talking about the final completion Mission then all the candidates are divided into a total of groups of 9 who performed the track named Shine while team 1 played the opening line, on the other hand, the second team performed the second quarter, and after that, the duo gathered mutually and completes the song. Both teams give their full performance in the song which makes the song more astonishing and interesting to listen to and after the ending of the song, all of them are eager to know the winner of the season because both teams are putting their best in the song by which the craze of knowing the winner of the season is on another rlevel.

Top 9 Winners of Girls Planet 999

As per the reports, the winner of the season is Kim Ch. Hyun and he grasps the trophy of the season carrying a total of 1,080,172 votes as compared with Huening Bahiyyih, Kim Da Yeon, Choi Y Jin, Kang Y Seo, Ezaki Hikaru, Seo Young Eun, Sakamoto Mashiro, Shen X. Ting. All these names were revealed as the top 9 winners of the Girls planet 999, hither we have considered so features which appeared as per the various statements.

According to the many reports, it is revealed that the new winner of the season and the girl band of the Girl’s Planet 999 name is Kep1er while Kepler is easier to pronounce it but there is no confirmation about this. The group name of the winner has been declared by Mnet when the numberless watchers questioned regarding their name. Kep1er is regarded as the winner name of the season, stay tuned with us.

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