Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 30th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Virat’s Surprise Dance For Sai


Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 30th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai tells Virat that her college friends’ families promised they will attend family function, so she informed how many people from her house will attend the function. He asks if he is part of his family. She says she already told that function is in the afternoon and if he takes leave, his family will yell at her that she forced their son to take leave. He says she is right, but he cannot feel separated from his family. She says he has to prove that he will come, only then she will sell him tickets as students got 20 tickets to sell and some complementary tickets for family. He asks how many tickets did she sell till now. She says Pulkit jiju, Devi tai, and Madhuri tai. He laughs. She says she cannot sell tickets on road and will sell only to known people, its a charity event and ticket money will go in charity. He says she should sell tickets to his family then. She says his family will throw tantrums again. He asks howmuch is the ticket price. She says 500 rs for front row and less for back rows, real enjoyment is watching via front row. He says he cannot buy 500 rs ticket as she doesn’t consider him as family. She says she will give him complementary ticket as his family will create issue else. He promises to attend the function. She gives him ticket. He says he didn’t give her money yet. She says he is a honest officer and she trusts him. He asks how many tickets are left. She says 5 left. He asks what about remaining tickets. She says she sold them to Sonakshi, Ashwini, Mohit and Krishna and others told they will pay her only if they attend her function. He asks what about other tickets. She says she sold them to neighbor aunty and 2 to herself and Usha. He says he will buy remaining 5 as he doesn’t want her to sell tickets on road and mimicking her says if she is caught selling tickets in black, she will be in jail and he has to pay her bail money. She laughs and says she will repay him next month as she spent this month’s money in giving tea and samosa party to her friends. He laughs and says she is joking continuously. She says someone at home told that he is forced, his dead body will attend function. He asks if its baba/Ninad. She says Ninad, Bhavani, Omkar always have problems and Pakhi provokes them; they never attended Mohit’s play till now, she will take them to even his plays soon via her tricks. He asks what will she do. She asks to just wait and watch and act as surprised. He asks if Ajinkya is her dance partner. She says he is also her drama partner. Their nok jhok continues. He says if he can dance with her instead of Ajinkya. She laughs and says he jokes a lot, anyways Ajinkya dances really well. He says she never saw his dance. She says only students can dance in college function and anyways he cannot compete with Ajinkya. He plays Muqabla.. song and dances energetically. Sai doesn’t react all seeing his dance and ignores him. He holds her and dances with her. She slips and he holds her, leaving her in shock. Their eyes meet. Serial’s title track plays in the background. He asks how was it. She says not bad, but not better than Ajinkya.

Next morning, Chavan family enjoys mornining tea when Shivani asks how is she looking. Ashwini says she became more pretty after returning from vacation. Bhavani asks where is she going today. She says still she is not ready yet. Ninad yells next. Bhavani yells that neighbors will think she married a third time. Shivani says neighbors have other work than counting her marriage, if they are jealous of her beauty, they should realize that life doesn’t end after divorce and they should let her live her own way, she got ready for Sai’s college function. Ashwini asks her to calm down. She says she is not, but they are provoking her. Sonali taunts that she didn’t know Shivani is participating Sai’s college function, doesn’t she thinks she is very old to dance with youngsters. Shivani asks how gave her right to taunt or question her, just because she is from a rich family she cannot think everyone is her slave, etc. Sonali asks why is she involving her family between them. Omkar says let her do whatever she wants, nobody will attend Sai’s college function at any cost. Bhavani yells at Sai next. Ashwini asks her to stop insulting Sai, Sai invited everyone and they rejected it, forget Sai they didn’t even attend their family children’s function and encourage them. Bhavani yells that she is supporting her bahu as usual. Ashwini says Sai is participating in a dance competition for the first time and she wanted them to cheer her up. Ninad yells anyone is free to go and they should be thankful to him that he is not stopping them. Ashwini says she will go even if he stops her. Bhavani yells that she is crossing her limits. Ashwini says how can she forget when she repeatedly reminds her. Bhavani yells to control her tongue and stop acting on her bahu’s teaching. Ashwini says she has her own brain and if they think so, she will leave this house. Ninad says she should and he will not stop her.

Precap: Police visits Chavan house. Bhavani says Sai filed complaint against them. Inspector says Sai met with a severe accident as she was mentally disturbed because of them, so its better if they visit Sai’s college right now. Bhavani gets tensed hearing that.

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