Excuse Me Madam 8th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Madam meets Addu again


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Scene 1
Sanam tells Kranti to give me lunch, I am late for the office. She says wait on the porch and wear this pot on your head.

Madam comes to the office and asks for Sanam. Chatterjee says he is not here. Madam says send Sanam to my cabin when he comes. Chatterjee says Sanam comes in late every day, all staff has started coming late because of him. Madam says you are right, people follow the herd like this. She says send him to my cabin.

Sanam asks Kranti to give him the parathas for lunch, he is getting late. Kranti is working in the kitchen and says he is so innocent and child-like. Chanchal comes there and says don’t ever trust your husband. Kranti says why do you always doubt husbands? Amar says because she has caught her husband with numerous women.

Kranti makes paratha for Sanam but imagines that Sanam will choke on it. She says I won’t let you eat it. Sanam says you made me late for this paratha and now you are not giving it to me? She says eat something on the way but I won’t allow you to eat this. Sanam says you are crazy. She takes the paratha away. Sanam says I will remain hungry today.

Sanam calls Addu. Addu is washing the dishes and takes his video call. Sanam says look at me, why is your eye blue? Did you have thief-police romance again? Addu says what else would be? I just want a woman to love and care for me. Sanam says wives are to cut our wings. Addu says I am so scared of my wife that I can’t even look at any other woman.

Chanchal tells Kranti that every husband wants to slap his wife. Amar says my husband is my servant. Kranti says Sanam cares for me a lot, he has never raised hand on me, he loves me a lot. Chanchal says you are a fool. Kranti tells Chanchal that I have no doubt about that, he will come out and tell me that he is sorry for scolding me like that. Sanam comes there and says I am sorry, I forgot my purse. Chanchal glares at Kranti.

Scene 2
Sanam comes to the office. He says excuse me Madam. Madam tells him a joke and says I checked your attendance and you are always late. This is my office and not some orphanage. She gets crazy and says people know what I am in a relationship with you. She sits on his lap. Chatterjee comes there and asks what is going on? Sanam says her light is gone again. Sanam pinches her and she comes to her senses. She says you are always late, how dare you sit on my chair? She asks Chatterjee to go away, he leaves. Sanam tries to leave but Madam asks Sanam why he is late to the office daily? Sanam says my wife makes me work in the house, she forces to me cook and asked me to make kofte. Madam says I want the recipe so give me her number. Sanam looks on.

Addu is cooking in the house. He gets a call so Amar asks him to pick it up. He takes the call and madam says can I talk to Mrs. Sanam? He says the wrong number and ends the call. Madam asks Sanam to call your wife.
Amar tells Addu that I will check your call details. She gets the call from her commissioner and says I am going for my duty, she leaves. Sanam calls Addu and asks where is he? Addu says I am at the house and serving my wife. Sanam says Madam wants to meet Kranti and you are Kranti for her. Addu says I will have to dress up again. Madam comes there and takes the call. She says how are you Mrs. Kranti? Addu says I am fine. She says can we meet at the restaurant? Addu says I have a back-ache but I will come. He ends the call.

Madam comes to the restaurant to meet Mrs. Kranti. Addu comes there, dressed as Sanam’s wife. Mishti is there too. Madam says you can take off the goggles.
PRECAP – Madam takes off Addu’s goggles and sees his eye punched. She says Sanam abuses you? I will not spare him.
Madam gives peon’s duty to Sanam and says you will follow our orders from now on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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