Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 1st March 2021 Written Episode Update: Maharaj’s plan to kill Anand


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Chandrakala whispers to Jijabai that it is in her interest to apologize. She now shouts at her to take care of her kids and apologize. Jijabai runs to the kids, cries and apologizes. She apologizes Meera as well. Bala says Jijabai is their Aayi, she should not apologize. It is just that because of their care for Bhim that they got angry. Meera sends Manjula and Tulsa inside to start cooking.
Anand was looking for Bhim. Maharaj stood nearby with his men. They discuss that Anand is closest to Bhim, they must find a way to teach good lesson to Anand. Chandrakala passes by. Maharaj calls her and gives her the task to fix Anand.

Chandrakala runs to Anand. She tells Anand she heard a few men speaking that Bhim is near the lake. Anand runs towards the lake. Maharaj’s man comes with a wooden stick to take care of any further matters.

Bhim was working with the chilli. Maharaj’s man hits Anand on the back of his head with the wooden stick. Anand faints. There, Bhim had a cut on his hand and cries for Anand. Ram ji comes to Bhim’s care. The men at factory mock Bhim for being so soft handed. Bhim says Anand was the first one to take care of him whenever he had any problems. Ram ji tells him to care for Anand at least, he is the most tensed. Bhim was not convinced to return. Ram ji does his share of work. Bhim thinks he cannot come to Anand.

It was late at night. Ram ji’s kids were tensed for the missing Anand. Maharaj’s men come there warning Anand might have been killed by Maharaj’s men. Ram ji comes home. He was tensed when the kids say Anand is missing. Dhansuklal tells Ram ji he would not be able to find Anand as well, like Bhim. Ram ji says it is none of their business. Maharaj’s men laugh that they enjoy watching a tensed Ram ji family. Anand comes from behind with bandage on his head. They support him into the house. Anand says it was Bhim who saved him, his words. He narrates that he met Chandrakala on the way, who send her near the lake. He recalls once Bhim told her to confront these men, and if ever they try to hurt him physically, he should pose to be dead. When they are sure he is dead, they will leave and be able to protect his life. Anand says this is what he did and went to the doctor. Anand tries to recognize one of the men from Maharaj’s assistants. He wonders why Chandrakala lied to him. Jijabai now interferes that they will still accuse her. Ram ji was angry at Jijabai for not listening to Anand.

Seth ji tells Bhim to put off the lamps and sleep. Bhim’s Aayi comes to him and says he is grown up. Earlier, he used to cry on little bruises. Bhim says until a mother is alive, a child’s cries are justified. Ayi asks Bhim to study now, she will go. Aayi tells Bhim he got salary for a day; he should buy something to eat. Bhim counts that money was lesser. Aayi asks why he did not take the money from Baba then, when he was offering.

Jijabai serves the food to family. Ram ji thinks Bhim must be hungry, then how he can eat without his son. Ram ji takes his platter outside and reaches the factory. Bhim was studying. Ram ji sits with him and says at least a father can bring food for his son. Bhim offers a penny from his earning. Though it is insufficient, still he is offering it. Ram ji asks why he is saying all this. Bhim was confused at what else to say, or he wonders if Ram ji should have married or not?

PRECAP: Jijabai comes to speak to Chandrakala. Chandrakala says she was asked by Maharaj to send Anand to the lake. She thought Anand would die, but…. Anand speaks from behind them that he was saved. Bhim overhears this as well.

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