Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 29th July 2020 Written Episode Update: Shravan Amazes Class With His Knowledge


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Vijay tells Shravan that its a good gesture to gift things, but because of the class, he didn’t sleep properly. Daddu says he did a mistake and should be punished, asks students who say yes, then asks Suman who says Shravan came before time and not late, so he shouldn’t be punished and asks Vijay if she is right. Vijay says yes. Shravan excitedly asks if he can attend class then. Vijay says yes. Shravan asks if we all can have snacks. He says yes. Kavita watches Shravan from balcony and loudly calling him asks what is he doing here. Shravan says he is attending special class. Daddu says he is enjoying perfume of hard work. Kavita asks what is that and asks Shravan if he fed food to beggars. Daddu fumes hearing that. Shravan nervously asks Kavita to go in and let him study. Children enjoy snacks. Anish tells Daddu that their plan failed. Daddu says wait for his next move, Shravan won’t complete next task at all. Kanchan tells Suman that she purposefully help Shravan to make her lose her bet. Suman says she just read papa’s mind, now Kanchan’s olive sandals are hers.

Vijay gathers class for next task and says they will discuss about army cadet ranking. Shravan says he doesn’t know anything about it. Vijay gives 2 hours to study and then report him. Anish asks what about points. Vijay says gives 2 points to all students who completed task and 1 to Shravan who slept in car after coming early to class. Shravan rejoices.

Daddu complains against Malhotras in colony society. Society secretary calls him and Shravan’s chachu Rajender. Rajender reaches 5 minutes early and tells Daddu that he came 5 minutes late, reminiscing setting watch 5 min fast. Dadu says he came on time, his watch is 5 minutes fast. Secretary reads Daddu’s complaint that Malhotras park their car in whole colony and throw garbage all around. Rajender argues with him and says he or his family doesn’t like to be associated with daddu and his family. Daddu says his nephew Shravan is studying in his house now. Rajender walks away angrily warning he will go to court. He reaches home and complains Kavita who says he is right. Devraj says Shravan will study under Vijay and he will not stop Shravan, leaving Kavita fuming.

Suman sits on swinger to study when Shravan walks to her and sits next her as there is no chair left. She asks him to stud instead of relaxing, else he will fall asleep. He says he will mug papers and falls asleep on her shoulder and then on her lap. Anish and Kavita see Shravan sleeping and laugh. Vijay walks to them and fumes seeing Shravan. Shravan nervously wakes up. Vijay scolds him and asks if he completed his task. He says yes. Vijay asks Suman since when Shravan is sleeping. She says 1 hour 50 minutes. Vijay asks if he studied in 10 minutes. Devika asks what they couldn’t in 2 hours, he did in 10 minutes. Vijay says let us restart class. Suman thinks why Shravan wants himself to get insulted always. Vijay questions Anish and praises him. He then asks Suman. Daddu says let Shravan speak. Shravan stands. Daddu insists. Shravan fluently explains whole chapter leaving Daddu and his puppets shocked while Suman and Kanchan smile. Vijay smiles and thinks he wasn’t wrong, this boy has spark in him. Devraj walks in to take Shravan back home and stands silently.

Precap: Shravan and Suman argue. Shravan gets read for class and tries to leave when Kavita stops him.

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