Chapter 26

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Kunj moved out of the room taking his clothes to get ready so that twinkle could have her time in getting ready !

On the other side Twinkle was smiling thinking about kunj , how his every gesture shows his affection towards her , she indeed was happy being around kunj as his wife , it always felt different but beautiful !

She took her clothes and walked into the walk in closet to get ready in the outfit gifted by kunj , she could not stop thinking about how his every small and little efforts take away a part of her heart and she could never deny the fact that she loved him for what he is and his efforts to make there relationship work and strong !

She got dressed in that saree with minimal makeup on ,she wore a diamond dangler in her wrist along with a diamond earring , she left her hair open which had slight curls at the end and she was all ready !

On the other hand , kunj wore a white tuxedo , complementing Twinkle’s outfit looking hot and ravishing ( i should stop my praise here itself , bcoz if i wont stop word limit would be less but i wont stop praising him ??) his hairs were jelled up and he was not looking less than a greek god of perfection !

He moved out from the other room and walked into his room calling out for twinkle and as soon as his sight met her’s she just freezed , there was she standing looking just like a fairy in his gifted saree , he was at sort of words !

He kept moving towards her whereas twinkle kept walking backward only to be stopped by the wall , kunj took that as and opportunity and put his both arms on the walls caging her in between him and the wall !

Twinkle’s breathing got hitched by there closeness , kunj leaned forward wheras twinkle closed her eyes anticipating his next move , kunj brushed his lips against Twinkle’s cheeks and moved near her ears and he whispered looking back into her eyes , which got opened when he brushed his lips on her skin –


They shared a deep passionate eyelock , when kunj kissed her forehead and moved back only to look at the divine beauty standing in front of him !

On the other hand Twinkle’s heart and soul was at mess , the close proximity between her and kunj drove her crazy , the mere touch of kunj’s lios on her brought shivers down her body and those butterfly jumping in her stomack , these feelings we’re new to her and it would be lie to say that she didn’t like them infact she loved being close to him !

She composed her beating heart and mind and muttered a THANK YOU to kunj , whereas kunj kept gazing at her , as if nothing more existed in the world other than them !

When his gaze was unbearable for twinkle she spoke bringing Kunj back from his trance saying –

“” We’re getting very late kunj , let’s go “”! and she walked hurriedly out of the room to avoid any such intense situation between them , where as kunj chuckled seeing her nervousness and follwed her back !!

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